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ovals and table/depth

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Dec 1, 2002
Hi, I have read through this site extensively and I am searching for an oval of 1.5+ within my budget of 5k... but it appears that the oval stones that I find within my range all have very high pavilion depth %'s.. In fact I've found it hard to find an oval with a Depth % within the "good range" of 42.2-43.8... is that just a good range for round cuts or does it in fact apply to all cuts.
Thanks for all you help!!


Aug 15, 2000
Proportions for fancy shaped stones are not predictable in relation to the light return of the stone.

Rounds are about 70% predictable .... Fancy shapes MAYBE 30%.

There is no easy way to determine this.... the stones must be seen.

The point of considering the proportions of the diamond are made with the intent of estimating the light return of the diamond. Why not simply ascertain the light return, as the proportional analysis for a fancy cut is not where near as dependable or predictable as a round. Even with rounds there are diamonds with great numbers that just "don't have it, and conversely some with less than the "ideal" numbers that do look spectacular."

Of course you'll see most of the stone with the pavilion depth POSSIBLY excessive... WHY? easy retained carat weight from the rough.

I saw a stone ( 3.00 oval ) that when you looked at its crown gave a pleasant appearance, but the pavilion was cut lopsided - resulting in almost 1.00 in extra weight left on the stone. It had a 40% girdle thickness at one end.
Thick girdles also result in extra retained weight from the rough crystal.
Weight retention and the extent of it, DOES have a substancial affect on the price/value of the stone.

Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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