oval diamond same depth and table?


Mar 13, 2016
I have been seeing several diamonds where the depth and table are the same, or the table slightly bigger (i.e. table 61, depth 59.7, or table 60 and depth 59.4). I was wondering how bad of a thing this is? I know it is considered slightly shallow, but how much of an effect will it have on the brilliance and fire of the diamond? Also, can someone tell me ideal Crown and pavilion percents/angles for an oval also? A few reports I have been given have showed them only on a few, which makes me think they are not good (ie. crown of 34.3 degrees and pavilion of 41.1. or crown of 35.2 degrees and pavilion of 40.5) thanks for the help in advance!


Apr 21, 2010
Have you already read this on oval-cuts? It is a good resource for basic oval cut guidelines.

As you probably know already, however, your eyes plus an IdealScope or Aset image are the best way to gauge the performance of an oval (or other fancy cuts).

An oval diamond with same/similar numbers for table and depth may well be a solid performer, but also could be a dog... it would depend on the other cut characteristics, as well as what you find pleasing to your eye.

It is true the diamond grading reports of many ovals (and other fancy cuts) do not provide the crown/pavilion numbers - if the vendor is someone like James Allen, the video often can reveal whether the crown is high and/or whether the pavilion is shallow. Other vendors like Good Old Gold will provide additional reports and images (Sarin, Aset, IdealScope) along with the grading report, so more details and stats are available to you.

If you'd like to provide your budget and carat/color/clarity preferences, PSers may be able to find some good oval diamond options for you.


Mar 13, 2016
Thank you very much for the link to the oval resource! I knew about all the stats except the crown :)

As for what I am looking for?

1.8-2 carats
g+ color
Si+ as long as eye clean
med or less fluor
1.36-1.43 ratio
12-14k budget!

I have found such a range of stones available, but there are so many factors to consider and its hard to find what we want in our budget. We have to play a lot with going up or down on color or clarity and be willing to accept some fluor!

Thanks for your (and anyone's) help!


Dec 17, 2008
This isnt quite as big as you wanted and not quite the ratio but it is a lovely oval...

This one could be nice...

Also worth a look...

Edit ...and as the previous poster commented you cant really pick Ovals by the numbers. There are just too many variables.
You have to use pictures, videos, asets/idealscope images etc.
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