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Our very own Diamond!

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Nov 4, 2002
Hey guys!

We did it! We bought our diamond yesterday. When we began our search 2 months ago BPS (before Pricescope), we felt confused and overwhelmed with all the different opinions that brokers, mall vendors (ugh), 'wholesale' jewellers had. Our experience with them ranged from fustration (who to believe) to being treated like we were fools. Can you believe a jeweler thought H&A was a brand and it's overrated??!!! BUT now, APS (after Pricescope) we feel so educated, informed, and very confident and happy with our choice. We decided on a AGS Triple Ideal H&A Canadian stone. (Yes, it actually came with a certificate stating its authenticity as a Canadian stone!)We also got a free H&A viewer that we are having a good old time with!!

For those into specs.... ;))

.794 cts
AGS Ideal 0 H&A
color: AGS 0 (D)
carity: AGS 5 (SI 1)
depth: 60.5
table: 56
crown angle: 34.4
pavillion angle: 40.7
culet: pointed
fluorescence inert

Leonid, Thank you for developing such a great site. You have kept it educational but fun. Your site reflects the caliber of members it does. Unlike other sites I've refrained from joining. ;))
Mr. Holloway, I'm obsessed with the cut adviser! I've plugged in stats for every diamond I've come across...can't wait till I get my hands on the stats of my friends diamonds!:halo:
...last but not least, I've appreciated everyone's advice, comments and replies to my crazy questions!:kiss:
You guys ROCK!

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