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OECs, transitionals and color- let's chat!


Feb 21, 2012
I used to be an "I don't like diamonds" girl. I didn't care for the bright, white look. Although beautiful, it never really was my taste. In the past few months, that's really turned around. I went in search of a champagne sapphire recently, came around to champagne diamonds and HOLY MOLY- old cuts! After seeing some really spectacular old cuts, and remembering that Pricescope was out there, I tumbled into a whole new world. I started reading and learning and eventually, I made my first purchase, a 1.16 M color that was described as throwing off rainbows. And boy did it! but being an M, and an EGL certified M at that, it was just too off white for me so back it went. I traded it for an I around the same size (and just for fun an antique pear because I always liked the shape. The pear was totally cool, but nothing compared to the round) but the I.. beautiful as it was, there just wasn't the same kind of fire. In patches and around the edges it was amazing, but it was disappointing overall to be so vastly different from the M. I now have an L on the way and went a little larger, but man.. is it me or are there more rainbows and flashes of color in these lower colors? Because if so, I think my sweet spot is somewhere between the I and the M. :wall: I hope that I found it in the L! Is it just my eye or do the lower colors play up that pastel-y rainbow-y fire a little more than the higher colors?
Vendor pics since it's not here yet.



Feb 12, 2011
I'm pretty smitten with my "J" Just saying,,,, :halo: but I've seen a lot of beauties here across the board.



Jul 27, 2005
I have an M transitional (it was graded M by an appraiser who specialized in antique stones) and I had to warm up to it. I didn't pick it out and it has always been lovely in person but very hard to get pictures of it looking good. I snapped this pic yesterday and it shows how lovely it is normally.

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