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Dec 2, 2002
Hello everyone. I'm new to this so please bear with me! I'm looking at a diamond for an engagement with the following info:

GIA Cert.
Round Brilliant
6.68 - 6.78 X 3.98 MM
1.08 carat

Depth 59.1 %
Table 62 %
Girdle Thin to Medium, Faceted
Culet None

Polish Good
Symmetry Good

H, SI1 for approx. $4900

From some of the things I've read online, it seems like the table is rather large for proper light return. Like I said, I'm new to all this and just don't want to be suckered into buying something that isn't worth the money. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm going back to the store to look again tomorrow.


Oct 30, 2002
Hi..I ran a quick Pricescope search on diamonds similar to the one you are looking at (H, SI1, 60+% table) and found a few similar for the same price. There was a G, SI1 1.03c for 4400, a H, SI1 1.04c for 4000, and a H, SI1 1.09c for 4900. So the pricing on the one you are looking at sounds inline with online prices which is good.

However, if your budget is around $5k, I also ran a quick Pricescope search on only Hearts & Arrows and AGS Triple Ideal (000) diamonds--which for the most part will filter out the 'duds'. I turned up these two:

G, SI1
Depth: 63.7%
Table: 53%
Girdle: thn-me
Culet: no
Polish: ideal
Symmetry: ideal
Fluor: no


G, SI1
Depth: 60.9%
Table: 56%
Girdle: med.fa
Culet: no
Polish: excellent
Symmetry: very good
Fluor: no

What these two results show is that it IS possible to find something within your price range with stellar AGS 000 scoring, a slightly better color (G vs H) and tables in a more technically desirable range. However, it's really all about your preference. My diamond has a 62% table which is a little high, and the depth is only 57%, but it scored well on the HCA and is very brilliant and sparkly. So that goes to show that not ALL diamonds with a 62% table will score or look badly. But the proportions have to be right.

If you can get the crown and pavilion angles of the diamond you are looking at, run it through the Holloway Cut Advisor (link at the top of this site), and see what that has to say about brilliance, fire and scintillation of this diamond you are considering. This might help you with your decision. Or run your own Pricescope searches, and you might be intrigued enough to contact a few online vendors to see what they have to offer.

Best of luck!


Nov 16, 2002
Like Mara said, the stone you have chosen could really be quite beautiful, however if I were you I wouldn't make a decision until I looked into some of the other options available as well. It seems as though Mara found a couple stones that could be really nice, with potentially better cuts and better color and the best part yet--still in your price range!

At a cheaper price, the first stone you listed may be attractive, but at that price you could probably do better for your money!


Jul 22, 2002
Mara's first stone will look small in comparision to the second. The first stone is quite deep w/ a small table. However, it could be interesting looking - more like that of a European Cut.

Good luck.


Dec 2, 2002
Thanks Mara and everyone else for all of the feedback. I really appreciate it. The more I think about it, the more I think that I would be settling for something I don't want. Quality is more important to me than quantity. I would rather pay alittle more for a better cut with more brilliance, than simply a larger stone which may not be as brilliant as I would like. It looks like I'll still be searching around for awhile. Thanks again for the tips. :))
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