Newbie help with EC's


Jun 7, 2011
Hi, I've been lurking on the forum for a couple of weeks trying to find out all i can about emerald cut diamonds, but I've sort of met a brick wall. I know all the numbers, what proportions an 'ideal' emerald cut diamond, but of course its nothing to seeing them in real life.

I have decided on a setting (Tacori 2620) I LOVE emeraldlover1's ring... IT'S AMAZING! and have found one place selling it (since1910)

I have a budget of $4000/£2500 for the diamond, i have looked on bluenile, whiteflash, GOG, JA and since1910... But i think it has done more harm than good. Also, if i get the setting from one place, and a diamond from another, can any jeweler set it?

This is one diamond i like the look of but it looks quit stripey... i dont know if that is a good thing, or not. Could you have a look and if I'm wayyyy off target point me in the right direction?



Jan 11, 2006
As far as the stone and setting go, ideally you'd get them in the same place to avoid complications. For that reason, I would call Good Old Gold and tell them the range of specs that interest you as well as budget, and let them call in a couple of stones for you. They will take pictures and possibly video to show you the stones. Then, if you find one, they are Tacori dealers and can send your stone to Tacori to set.
That way they are responsible for the stone up until the time that you take possession of it. You'd be getting the finished ring and could insure it as soon as it arrives (or before if they send you the appraisal or sales slip in advance).

I think that is a beautiful setting with an EC! Good luck with your search!
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