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New to ps...pls help me evaluate this diamond


Sep 2, 2011
Hi everyone,
I am new to pricescope and very seriously shopping for a diamond for engagement ring. My very basic criteria are 2ct, GIA or AGS cert only, Excellent/Ideal Cut, Color H,I,J, SI1 or SI2. I chose these criteria because the 2ct is important to me, and the budget is approx $15k. I am currently searching for a RB. Any feedback/suggestions regarding my criteria is welcomed.

I started by searching the James Allen website after reading many good reviews on this forum, I put in my search criteria and came up with about 15 options. I ran each through the HCA and selected this particular as my favorite based on the 1.6 score: For a my budget should I be looking for a better score?

I think my next step should be to request an idealscope, but please let me know if i'm wrong. I chatted with a representative and asked about the center inclusion and she said it's probably visable but could request for a gemologist to view it. I have read on this forum that a large center inclusion on an SI2 could be an ideal location?

I am not ready to pull the trigger on purchasing a diamond today, as I feel like i'm just getting my feet wet with the educational process, what I am really looking for here is to know the proper evaluation process of a diamond when shopping online. Am I on the right track, is there something that I am missing?

This was another option that I viewed on ja website: This diamond had a hca score of 2.4, but I was attracted to the size.

Thanks for you help.


Sep 22, 2011
I am a newbie myself, but here are my suspicions about what the experts will say.

- Typically, no one will recommend you buy a diamond and spend that much money to have a visible inclusion. Now if the gemologist says that first JA stone is eyeclean (from how close? 6' ? 12'?) then go for it. You DO have the advantage of being able to look at J colored stones. However, its likely your budget will not be high enough.

- I ran your specs through the PS search and found only Eternity Diamonds stones once I specified only AGS/GIA and minimum VG cut grade. I would suggest that you call them and see what they can do for you. I know they don't provide images online but its possible that they could help you if you give them your specs and say you really want an eyeclean 2ct - Not too sure about this but I've seen rave reviews.

Sorry if this isnt too helpful - I know that I would not be okay with a big center inclusion and I'm not a picky girl. Hopefully some more experienced PS'ers will come along and give you better suggestions - Its possible they may suggest the secondhand market and/or some older cuts. Good luck with your search!


Dec 17, 2008
Hi emb,
I would try looking for SI1s or stones that have issues NOT under the table...more on the outside of the stone where
it can be covered with a prong. Since you are looking at lower claritys...I think the first thing to ask is how eye-clean
is it (or how obvious is the inclusion?) Next, if it passes that test then request an ASET image. You get 3 free from
JA so dont use them up before you are ready to buy. Hope that helps some, tyty

Have you considered other shapes that face up big (like ovals and pears)? They also cost less than rounds.


Jan 11, 2006
A year ago your budget could have gotten a 2 ct. J color ideal cut stone, but realistically, I don't think that is very possible today. Finding a truly eyeclean SI2 is not easy. That first one you pictured likely is not eyeclean and that is why it is priced low. I'd strongly advise going a little under 2 cts. and look at J SI1's to have a better chance of finding an eyeclean stone.

Actually this one looks pretty good and is over 2 cts. (still have to ask if eyeclean):


Mar 24, 2011
I wouldn't go with a stone with a noticeable inclusion smack dab in the middle like that. I think your gf will be bothered by looking at that big black spot.

If I were you I would go down a tiny bit in size--maybe around 1.9 or so, and up a grade in clarity. You won't notice the difference in size--it's only a fraction of a mm.

If the 2ct size or larger is a dealbreaker, at least go for a stone with an inclusion that can be covered or at least isn't right in the middle!
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