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Jan 11, 2007

Hello!! I am new to the site and am looking for some reassurance. I am getting ready to buy this stone and I wanted someone to confirm that the cut is pretty good and whether or not it will provide a good amount of brillance. And, also whether or not this is a decent deal. I wanted a well cut stone that was around 1.5 cts.

E.G.L. Report
~ 1.46 Cts
~ SI2
~ H
~ 7.34 - 7.27 x 4.45 mm
~ Total Depth: 61%
~ Table Width: 59%
~ Crown Height: 15%
~ Pavillion Depth: 43%
~ Girdle Thickness: Thin to slightly Thick
~ Polish: Very Good
~ Symmetry: Good
~ Culet: None
~ $6450

One more question. I am also debating between a pave setting the circles the diamond or a setting with tapered baguettes. Does the pave setting maximize the diamond size or hide it? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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Jan 10, 2007
You did''t say what shape, so I "assumed" Round.

It rates a 3.1 on the Cut Adviser. Worth buying if the price is right.

Light Return Very Good
Fire Very Good
Scintillation Good
or diameter for weight Very Good

You''d get a more accurate idea if you had angles. Does the Vendor happen to have a Sarin available on the diamond??

The price may be on par with the quality of the diamond if the grade is true. Is that EGL USA or a foreign EGL lab on the Cert??

If you haven''t looked at a lot of diamonds live and in person, you might think this would be an OK performer. If you saw it next to a well cut diamond, you''d see that it''s not great. But great for that size costs more. So it could be good bang for the buck.

Just a rookie lay person''s thoughts. Maybe some of the gurus will give you a different perspective.


Apr 30, 2005

This isn't a Superideal cut, but it might have a decent make from what I can tell, but I don't know how to convert crown and pavillion % to angles which is what I know and are more accurate. EGL graded diamonds are normally cheaper than GIA and AGS, so if you want a larger diamond for less money this might work...I take it you have seen this diamond and like it - is it eyeclean being an SI2? If you are very interested in this diamond, make the sale final on having this diamond check out with an independant appraisal - well worth an extra $130 or so for peace of mind. Which branch of EGL graded this diamond - USA, Europe etc? The HCA gives some idea as it has been run through, if brilliance and performance is your priority you might be best looking some more, if size is the thing for a low price, this diamond might fit the bill. Personally I would keep looking.

To maximise the size of a diamond, generally a thin band is thought to be best - about 2mm, but if you want pave, you might have to go a bit thicker.
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