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Need opinions on stone, please


Apr 18, 2016
Hello all,

I've been lurking for some time now, and boy is it fun seeing all the beautiful pieces people share. With all the expertise around here, I was wondering if you all could help a girl (who is admittedly a clueless newbie) out. I have fallen prey to Morganite set in rose gold's charms, and I am on the hunt to make a halo'd cushion cut beauty my own. While it will be an engagement ring, it will *not* be an every day ring. I do understand the caveats of the beryl family, and I also understand my practical restrictions of wearing ANY jewelry when I have two kids under two and am elbow deep in dirty diapers half the time (sorry-- tmi). I just think the combination of rose gold with the morganite is so romantic. The price point is attractive to boot. Basically this is to be a ring that I will find beautiful and wear occasionally now, and then later, when the kids (and our, ahem, bank accounts) are bigger we plan on getting perhaps a diamond, or something else more suited for every day wear.

I have found a jeweler and have a few contenders in the running for the setting. Now where I was wondering if you could give me opinions on the stone. I have gotten pictures of it, and even after reading the colored gem guide on this website, along with some additional research, I now know just enough to know I am still confused. Lol... Anyways, I would like an elongated cushion cut (more rectangle in shape rather than square). I was sent these pictures, but it's so hard to tell from a picture what the stone would look like in person. I love the shape and color of this stone, but am I right that this one has a huge window? Or is it ? Would a setting help?





Apr 22, 2004
I'm afraid the stone looks to be shallow and given the light tone, the window will not be less obvious once set.
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