Need help with diamond studs


Aug 30, 2015
I'm looking for help picking out some diamonds for studs. I found a couple of diamonds from BG signature that might be good for diamond studs but need some opinions. First I was doing some research and found out diamonds studs can be SI2 in clarity with colors ranging from G-H but some said colors can be J-K since they are studs in your ear no one can tell the faint yellow especially if you get the ideal hearts and arrow diamonds, which I prefer. So my first question is will color J-K still be good for diamonds studs or just stick with the G-H? Btw I will be setting studs in white gold martini style earrings if that helps.

I did some searching on the BG website and found a couple of VS1-2 in J-K color diamonds in the sizes below and just want some opinions to what will be best and if prices are good? I just don't want to over pay for the studs like I did last time and not get the quality. I tried looking for SI2 but nothing in the size I want. I was going to either stay within 1ct like close to 0.99ct or just go over the 1 ct mark like 1.1ct or 1.2ct

If not, should I keep searching for SI clarity if I can get a better size diamond or color? And does BG website have a good upgrade policy for if I upgrade studs later?

Anyways here's the diamonds

Will appreciate any opinions and advises since this is my first time doing this I can get all the help I can get.


Feb 27, 2007
Bellasky, IMO I'd go down in clarity and up in color. I think Si are good for earrings as long as they are eye clean. As for diamond color that depends on your personal preferences. I haven't bought from BG but I believe they do take their signature diamonds back on trade. Have fun shopping!
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