Need Help With Designing New Ring!

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Dec 27, 2006
Hello everyone! I am finally de-lurking after many months of admiring everyone's new jewels!

I have had my current wedding set for an astonishing seven years! My old motto used to be "trade in, trade up, and trade often!" and I have had many, many settings! Anyway, I am ready for womething new, but do not know where to start design-wise. I do know that I would like platinum. I have a friend who is a diamond broker in LA and can have anything copied or made so I just need to figure out what I want.

I am torn between something contemporary or something with a vintage look. I work in the fashion industry and have seen some very cool contemporary settings, but also appreciate some of the antique-inspired settings. I have toyed with the idea of upgrading to a larger stone. My firend, the diamond broker said the best way to do so would be to sell my diamond on ebay and buy a new stone through her (this really surprised me!). Does anyone have experience with this??

Here are some pics of what I currently have. Apologies in advance for the picture quality, I just can't seem to get the claiity that some of you can!!

The diamond is 2.46 VS2 H color. Currently in a platinum mount with about .54 ct of side stones. I wear it with a 1.25ct antique e-band.

Thanks in advance for all of your ideas! I look forwarding to getting to know you!






May 15, 2005
That is a beautiful ring. I really like it as is, but if you really want to upgrade the diamond there are a few things to consider.

1) Is your diamond GIA cert or a similar cert?
2) Will your friend take a trade-in? I think you will not gain most of your money back, if lucky, around half, on Ebay.
3) Play around with contemporary settings and more traditional ones. I fear that switching from a vintage mounting to a contemporary one might be a bit drastic. I would opt for a classic three stone or something similar.
4) Will you keep the wedding band? If so, keep that in mind when looking for a new ring.
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