Need help to decide on two stones

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Mar 8, 2003
hi, everyone,

Over time, I have learned so much from this site about diamonds. And I do trust and value the opinions shared at this site. That''s why I need your help to decide on two stones I found at local stores.

Before I went out to local B&M stores today, I spent some time online to research about diamond prices and grading. With knowledge learned from this and other sites, I was able to find two good stones, and their characteristics are given in GIA reports as follows:

stone 1

Shape : round brilliant
measure 7.30-7.37x4.55
weight 1.50 carat
depth 62%
table 57%
girdle medium faceted
culet none
polish VG
symmetry VG
Clarity VVS1
Color G
Fluorescence none
comments: none
asked price $12,600

Stone 2
Shape : round brilliant
measure 7.02-7.14x4.52
weight 1.50 carat
depth 63.8%
table 64%
girdle thin to thick faceted
culet none
polish VG
symmetry Good
Clarity VS2
Color G
Fluorescence faint
asked price $12,300

I am a novice in evaluating diamonds, and I would appreciate your expert advice on these two diamonds'' pricing vs grading.

Also, stone 1 is from a small Vietnam store, should I be concerned?

Stone 2 is from a big chain store, and the sales person may be able to give me 10% discount, would it make the price good enough vs what I can get from online store?

This is going to be a major purchase for my husband and I. And we do appreciate highly your opinion for our peace of mind.

Thanks a lot.


Jan 29, 2003
There really isn't enough information here for anybody to really tell you much about the stones... See if the sellers can provide you with an OGI or Sarin analysis because without the crown and pavilion angle measurements there is no way to accurately compare prices or make a determination regarding how the diamond may perform visually... For starters, you can run the details of the diamonds you have found in the diamond search engine here on PS and compare the details of the diamonds you are considering to the options that appear... 10% is more profit than most of the online dealers are making, so odds are that you could do better with an online dealer once the full details of the diamonds are determined.


Jan 17, 2003
At depth 63.8% and table 64% odds are this stones isn't going to look so hot. Assuming the first one is cut well, it's not a bad price for a B&M. As always, you can do better online.


Dec 5, 2002
Hi Sissy77,

Welcome to pricescope.

I agree with both R/T and Lugas as far as doing better both in price and quality online. Both stone are a bit deep. The first one being better than the second for both depth and table measurements (second one a bit small).

Here are a link to a stone that is compariable in size/color/clarity but less $ and better cuts.

The link indicates this is a vs2 but the cert states that it's a VVS2.

anything above a eyeclean SI1 would be okay in my mind and you could same some $ lowering the clarity grade of what your looking for

Hope this helps



Oct 30, 2002
The second stone's table and depth are definitely nowhere near ideal and for that price is a complete ripoff in my opinion. The first MAY be a more well cut stone but R/T are need more info to determine cut. As the others said, you could do much better if you purchased online AND can get more information depending on the vendor you use. If you view the GOG link that was posted on a stone in your range but with an excellent h&a cut, you will get an idea of the types of visual tools available for consumers while shopping online. It does not replace actually seeing the stone but it's pretty darn close!

If either of those stones were close to excellent cuts and for a great price..I'd say to go with your eyes. But you could do better online in cut AND pricing and keep the carat weight, color and clarity. BUT if you really feel as though you have to choose between the two, get more info on each of them, sarin info. And try to negotiate the price down lower. My two cents is that I would keep looking...there are so many stones out there for the picking..take a little more time and get something worth your $!

Good luck!!
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