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Need help on height of center stone

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Oct 29, 2002
I am having a custom made ring with a 1.6 center stone and .3 ct. center stones. My question is how high I should have the center stone. I definitely do not want the stones to be flush with one another (I don't like the 3-stone look that is all the rage right now). I saw a really pretty setting where the center stone was raise completely above the side stones. However, it didn't look very secure. I was wondering if anyone could help me decide how high to have the center stone raised to maximize the size of and focus on the center stone, but still be secure. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Colored Gemstone Nut

Nov 21, 2002
There is no special formula for how high you want your center stone. You have some different unique options but ultimately the preference is yours. What came to my mind is that I have seen some tiffany style mounts for your center stone and picture your 2 x .30 side stones mounted in a bezel settings one on each side of the center stone. With the tiffany style prong setting your center stone will be raised while the 2 stones in the bezel mounts will give the center stone the appreciation it deserves and the center will be raised completely above the side stones. Since your ring is being custom made almost anything is possible. Go on the different sites and pick different qualities from different rings and talk to your jeweler about incorporating which features you like most.Just an idea but good luck looking at your options.

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Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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