Need help on emerald diamond ideal cut!

Discussion in 'RockyTalky' started by wdh, Mar 25, 2002.

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  1. wdh

    Mar 24, 2002
    by wdh » Mar 25, 2002
    I wanted to get a second opinion on a Emerald cut diamond I am close to buying. The specs are as follows:

    Measurements: 1.55:1
    Weight: 2.95 Carats
    Depth: 61.9%
    Table: 70%
    Girdle: very thin to slightly thick
    Cutlet: very small
    Polish: very good
    Symmetry: good
    Clarity: VVS1
    Color: E
    Fluorescence: None

    The diamond looks great, but my main concern is that the depth seems a bit shallow as I look at different guidlines provided on the internet. Is this a real concern or not. I want to make sure I shouldn't get hung up on this given the quality of the overall diamond. General opinions would be appreciated as well as the general price I should expect (is that allowed on this forum?). I was told you should expect to pay more for a 2.5-2.99 carat diamond even though the Rapp? price sheets only have 2.0-2.99 for emerald cuts. What sort of a discount should I expect? Final question: if the depth of the diamond is an issue and I decide to wait to find a better stone, how long should it take to find one with a much better cut that has the same measurements, clarity and color or better?


  2. lawmax

    Dec 31, 1999
    by lawmax » Mar 25, 2002
    I wish I had better answers to your questions. You could write to David Atlas at He enjoys helping consumers and would be able to address your questions. You could also arrange to use his services as an independent appraiser. Then you would have his expert opinion on the quality of the diamond's cut and he would be able to give you a good appraisal for insurance purposes. If you want him to evaluate the diamond before you decide to keep it, check the return policy of the seller. You can read an article written by Dave here:

  3. hakalugi

    Mar 28, 2002
    by hakalugi » Mar 28, 2002
    dave just announced: "Topic: Fancy shape IDEAL CUT charts released"

    you can find them at:

    he qualifies some of the personal preference regarding 'ratios' here:

    best of luck,

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