Need help for finding a setting


Feb 11, 2016
To start off, this ring is for a 1 year anniversary that both my girlfriend and I have been picking out together for a while now. We have finally have gotten the list narrowed down to two different center stones. Both are tanzanite, VVS clarity, just different cuts.
She would like to do a gold setting, but my max price for a setting with shipping is $225. I have been searching around and I thought I would ask for advice for finding a good setting. So far I have found a few we have liked but are not absolutely in love with. She likes any color of gold. So we are looking at sides stone or not depending on the ring.
We really liked this ring, its just seems the sides stones on it are a little big.
And this one but it is out of our price range.
I understand the price point makes the it difficult to get gold, but for I am hoping that there can be a few options. If you can help me with advice, or an example you know off the top of your head or even just a seller on ebay or a website, it would be greatly appreciated.


Apr 2, 2006
John - I'd suggest you ask the moderators to move your thread to the "colored stones" forum for you. It's more appropriate for your question, plus it gets a lot more traffic so you're more likely to get responses that might be helpful there. Jut hit the "report a concern!" button.
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