Need help finding ideal setting for emerald / cushion / radi


Jun 21, 2011

I’ve been lurking in the forum for a while, and am tremendously grateful for the valuable collective knowledge available here - thank you all. However, I have questions regarding settings for emerald, cushion, and / or radiant cuts that I’ve not seen answered. Please forgive my ignorance in advanced.

I am shopping for an engagement ring solitaire setting to accommodate a cushion, emerald or radiant cut sapphire (still working on buying the sapphire from someone recommended in the Colored Stones forum). I have looked all over the web (idjewelryonline, whiteflash, brian gavin, et. al.), but almost all the solitaire engagement settings look to me like they are designed primarily to accommodate round cuts, particularly in light of the set emerald cut diamonds I’ve seen in the forums here. Is this perception incorrect, will they accommodate an emerald, cushion, or radiant cut just fine?

When buying a gemstone and setting separately, how do you know for sure that the gemstone will fit the setting? Who is responsible for the ultimate mounting; what is the usual way in which the mounting is orchestrated between the gemstone seller / cutter, and the setting seller?

Specific recommendations for a sturdy, simple, 14k or 18k gold, rhodium plated setting that would accommodate an emerald, cushion, or radiant cut solitaire in a relatively low mount would also be appreciated.


May 30, 2011
Re: Need help finding ideal setting for emerald / cushion /

hi there - i'm new here so will let experts chime in. For me, I found a setting i liked and that was in my pricerange, then i contact the seller and asked if they could change the setting to fit a cushion. It wasn't a problem at all and only cost me a small amount for the change. I imagine this may be the case for many sellers?? As an fyi I purchased my cushion through ERD and then I found the split shank setting from Eternity Diamonds (they are making it now - yippee). The split shank I got was the Gwen and that has a round in the setting on the site. They are building it for me with a cushion in mind. Hope this helps a little bit.
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