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Need Help Finding Fancy Greys?


May 30, 2011
Hi, i'm new to pricescope, but i have been silently looking around at posts, and i really like this community! I'm needing some help here. i'm interested in possibly buying a diamond in later months, and i can't seem to find any pure fancy greys ANYWHERE! Not in really good clarity, anyway. i just want to know where i could possibly find some fancy grey diamonds with decent clarity, and large carat weights (7+ cts), or if anyone has even heard of such a thing? i'm wanting a diamond a a large size for some ring ideas, different ideas call for different diamond colors. sure, i could just get something ready made, but more than likely i'll have to pay too much, and i just feel custom is the better way to go. plus, i do know that fancy greys cost less than whites. my idea for a fancy grey, (not a dark grey, but a silvery grey) preferably in a cushion or square radiant, huge size, in a solitare setting with double prongs and a knife-edge platinum band. though it sounds kinda plain, if it's the right diamond, i think it will be spectacluar! So, any input is highly appreciated! Thanks! :)
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