Need Help Buying a Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

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Mar 3, 2007
Hello. I''m in the market for an engagment ring. My girlfriend likes a cushion cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. Think the Tiffany Legacy style. However, there seems to be so many variables that I am not sure about. I''ve listed a few factors that I was hoping other members could help me with:

* Brillance is most important for us. What''s a good depth/table for a cushion? Do cushions have a cut rating?
* Is there a big difference between using prongs or a bezel setting? Does a cushion look better with one or the other?
* One vendor was explaining that the cushion shape varies. Some are more square, some are longer, etc. Is this true?
* Does anyone know of any manufacturers/designers known for cushion settings?
* I live in Miami and will most likely buy the diamond from the Seybold Building. Has anyone had any good/bad experiences there? Any recommendations?

Thanks for your help. I''m a bit overwhelmed so all comments are welcomed.



Aug 8, 2005
Does it have to be a cushion? Don''t get me wrong I adore cushions, but a round in a legacy type setting would be MUCH easier to shop for.

What is your budget? And what size stone do you want for that budget? Your setting is going to run you anywhere from 2.8K to 5K frankly.

If you are set on a cushion... these are great threads to get you started:

If you want a Legacy type look and it has to be a cushion... a Modern Cushion is going to be much easier for you to shop for... and I would highly suggest engagement rings direct... do a search for "cushion ERD" on here.

If you want MAX fire and brilliance... in other words something that will be able to at least come close to a round in sparkle... Goodoldgold Square Hearts and Arrows is you best bet. Its very similar to the Tiffany Nuevo cushion and is a very firey cut. Plus they are relatively easy to shop for... if you don''t mind buying through the net.

Here are two:

RE: Seybold building... do a search on here for "Seybold" and see what pops.


Mar 15, 2004
It goes without saying that I'm a HUGE fan of the mod cushions...Everyone constantly comments on its fire and brilliance....As gypsy said, it's HARD shopping for one...But in my opinion, worth it!!!

First most important step- Find a good vendor...tell them what look you're going for and your budget...they will bring in a few for you to see (in person or online)...Going by numbes is useless...also, check out sides like GOG and JamesAllen and which has pix of the stones....I personally deal with Mark at ERD and am thrilled...So best of luck!!! :) As for settings, I can only comment on what I've seen in person, and ERD's setting work is great imo....GOG also has lots of pix online...and Artofplatinum is great for ideas...try not to drool


Nov 24, 2006
Mark at Engagement Rings Direct is the expert in cushions. So many people loved working with him. Best wishes.
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