Need advice on a two carat before we buy

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Mar 12, 2002

I have found a 2.01 carat round diamond from a broker/custom jeweler
and am looking for opinions. Here are the specs:

- GIA cert
- 2.01 carat
- D color
- SI2 clarity
- 60.8% depth
- 59.0% table
- Good polish
- Good symmetry
- Small culet
- Very thin/thick faceted girdle
- No fluorescence

With a 10x loupe, there is a white "feather" according to the certification.
The broker can see it, but I can't. There are also some (about 3) inclusions
on the bottom that I could see with the loupe, but not with the naked eye.

I was given a quote of $17,500 that includes a custom engagement ring and
wedding band. The rings are platinum (90%) and contain about 0.6 carats of
channel set round diamonds per ring.

I would appreciate any opinions/advice.



Dec 31, 1999
The price is high compared to online prices for similar diamonds. I know that the price includes the mounting, but that mounting doesn't sound like it should have a cost of $3-4,000.

That diamond appears to have been cut to maintain a carat weight of over 2.0 carats. This will increase the price, but not the beauty of the diamond. If you ask the dealer to get a Sarin report on the diamond you will know the crown and pavilion angles and can use the cut adviser on this site. If the dealer can't or won't provide this, I recommend that you keep looking.

Have you looked at the diamond in bright sunlight to see if those inclusions reflect through the stone? Have you looked at it in dim lighting? Have you compared it to better cut diamonds?

The cut is a matter of preference, but a better cut diamond that comes in a bit under 2 carats may make you happier in the long run. Also, negotiate the price of your diamond based on comparisons and then consider a setting. The dealer should not be lumping them together.

Make sure that wherever you buy, they have a good return policy and get a detailed receipt of just what you bought. Take the diamond, loose, to an independent appraiser to verify that it matches the cert, has no durability issues, etc.

Good luck :)


Mar 12, 2002
Thanks for the reply.

We looked at smaller (~1.7 carat) diamonds that were E & F in color
with VS1/2 clarity. Don't remember the exact measurements, but I think
they were better cut ... and more expensive. We liked the way this 2.01
carat looked (and at the time, liked the larger size) and put a $5k
deposit on it. We have been assured that we can apply the deposit towards
another stone if we decide we want a different one.

We have an appointment next week to view the wax molds for the rings and
we'll look at the diamond again ... request the Sarin report ... examine
under different lighting ... etc.

Wish we had been a little more educated before we put down a deposit. Like with anything else, it's easy to get "caught up in the moment".
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