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Need a Little Help With a Chain


Apr 21, 2010
Do you know what size opening the bail is, so you can select the right thickness of chain?

I'd probably go with a standard chain like the rope chain ( if you don't know the bail size, either wait until you receive the pendant so you can measure the opening, or just choose the 1.5mm chain which likely would fit without being too delicate or too heavy?

Plus, sterling silver chains are inexpensive enough you could always pick up a new chain (different weave and/or length) for another occasion and then your daughter can change out the chain depending on outfit.

I'm sure your daughter will love the pendant - very thoughtful gift!


Jul 17, 2016
I'll wait as long as I can, the pendant will be shipped, as soon as the vendor invoices me and gets paid. The big thing is it's being shipped from Thailand so Customs clearance in Los Angeles is problematic. My daughter will get home 4 Sep, so the normal up to 30 days shipping, should be OK, but if it's on the long side I could run out of time. I've been considering what's referred to as a snake chain. It's not extravagant but it's been kind of fun selecting a stone and getting something made out of it. There's a story on why the star perhaps I'll tell it later.
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