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Navy Veteran Beaten By Trump's Hidden Agents in Portland


Aug 4, 2008
Karl I really have to say I find something very concerning that you call chief Roberts a traitor (based on disagreeing with his ruling, which happened to be a majority opinion). It is a very serious accusation that as you know carries the death penalty. I think you need to consider what you are saying. I don't think you are a nutcase but there are nutcases that feed off this level of hate speech.
There are other definitions of traitor not just the legal one.
That you would call it hate speech is why his going off the rails is so concerning.
These days if anyone dont like it then it is racist or its hate speech including protected political speech.

trai·tor | \ ˈtrā-tər How to pronounce traitor (audio) \

Definition of traitor

1 : one who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty

2 : one who commits treason


Nov 7, 2004
Well I just think traitor is a very serious, loaded term. Not to be a word nanny, but to use it when someone does something you disagree with while following their duty and responsibilities (which for a justice is to represent all Americans or those protected under the constitution). I guess I find it extra disturbing because the judjical branch is supposed to be apolitical, NOT beholden to a particular political party or favored demographic, so calling a supreme justice a traitor is a serious misunderstanding of the relationship, and the use of checks and balances in our country.. . ETA I looked it up and trump has (baselessly) accused people or entities he's disagrees with, with treason, 24 times. Maybe you think that's ok? I don't. At minimum it's a misleading, or worse an extremely inflammatory, "meme" to be picked up and lobbied at yr enemies and I'm not going to go further as it's getting me upset... I think the word should be used as intended (you actually think the person is a traitor to the country), or not at all
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Mar 22, 2017
Because Roberts the traitor and the usual 4 evil ones did a huge number 2 on the constitution.
Don't get me wrong those that dont follow the guidelines are idiots.
But to give the government the right to regulate worship is one of the greatest acts of disrespect to peoples rights that the court has ever done.
It actualy pushed more people over the edge to give the goverment the double bird and do idiotic things.
So it did way more harm than good.
Freedom of religion as defined by the Constitution has never allowed for any worship practices by any religion that harm others. That's why cults can't legally perform human sacrifice. Holding in-person worship during a pandemic when there is uncontrolled community spread is a high level of doing harm to others - not just to everyone at the service, but to their family members and co-workers and people they encounter at grocery stores and the BMV - all of whom DIDN'T consent to having their lives put at risk - and everyone those people are in contact with, and so on and so on..... There's absolutely nothing new or unconstitutional here. Get a grip.
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