My New Blue Bling - 3.8ct Sapphire in DK Custom Setting


Feb 22, 2008
Thank you all for the very nice comments. I’ve read every one and appreciate all :kiss2:

The sapphire… The color is mesmerizing. It changes in different lighting but mostly looks a tad darker than the glamour shots. It is surprising to me the color difference from loose vs set. It also sparkles like crazy.

The setting… Like I said, it’s a simple style, but executed very well. I’ve recently sold almost all my jewelry since I hadn’t been wearing it and wanted to get a few pieces that would be timeless. This is the first and I’m so happy it came out so lovely.

Talk about comfort…. I have not worn a right-hand ring in years and this feels right at home. When I put jewelry on in the morning, I leave it on until I go to sleep at night so I like comfort and wearability. I won’t go into details about what I’ve done wearing it so far (I don’t want to mortify all of you) but I am being careful.

The sad part... It will need to go back to get a few prongs smoothed. Hopefully I can schedule a date to drive there and wait. I don't want to be without her just yet. There's no security issue with the stones, just some fine tuning with the prongs.

Thank you again and wishing everyone a lovely day!


This is just breathtaking and the color of the sapphire... oohlala!


Oct 1, 2015
I really like those spaced out claws. They are exactly like real little claws!! The setting really suits the personality of the stone. Congratulations!
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