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Jan 29, 2016
I am insanely analytical and extremely detail oriented. I double..triple check everything..and always look for best value (hate buyer’s remorse). Because I research everything to death…I am the “go to” guy for all my family and friends when deciding on purchasing expensive products. Now that you get a sense of my mentality on consumer goods..let me tell you why IDJ is one of the best (if not the best) place for engagement rings and jewelry in the entire USA.

New York is the mecca of diamonds...highest volume, most selection, and if you find a trusty dealer – great value. Knowing that, you have to find a dealer you can trust and that you feel cares about you. Living in DC, I wrote emails and called the top 20 dealers in NYC based on research I had done on pricescope, yelp, and other various websites. The most important factors to me..was finding a dealer that could get me the perfect oval diamond, deliver a high quality ring, and one that I really trusted.

After talking and dealing with all those other dealers – it was clear IDJ was my #1 choice. IDJ was exceptional..I was blown away by Yekutiel’s willingness to put in effort to hunt/search diamonds for me. He completely understand my needs and wasn’t pushy. The prices he quoted were also very fair compared to other dealers. I just felt like they embodied the best combination of trust, value, and customer service. As of today, Yekutiel and I have exchanged probably close to 150+ emails (no joke!). I am not surprised that they are recommended by so many people on pricescope..nor that all their yelp reviews are a solid 5/5. Yekutiel, Tammy, and the rest of the team are incredible. They represent the epitome of how to treat and retain customers.

I actually had an excel sheet for tracking all the dealers I contacted..and all the oval diamonds they told me about. The list had about 30 different oval diamonds..listing out color, cut, clarity, carat, dimensions, fluoresces, price, etc. The diamond Yekutiel found for me jumped out. It was exactly the type of diamond I was looking for at my budget (best bang for buck). IDJ is known for finding customers great value diamonds within your budget and my experience with them was no different.

They also made me a customized engagement ring based on images I sent them. Yekutiel constantly sent me pictures/videos of the CAD designs (which we modified until it was exactly how I wanted it) - the final results were spot-on! It turned out better than I could have imagined and my fiancé was floored when she saw it! She gets soooo many complements about her makes me feel great. lol

So in conclusions, Yekutiel and the IDJ Team to me represent the best "bang for buck" trustworthy dealer in NYC. The effort he puts into working with you and finding you the perfect diamond is immeasurable and the quality of work is remarkable!

So if you’re in the market for an engagement ring, do yourself a favor – STOP READING, STOP SEARCHING, GO CALL THEM NOW!!

Other Notable Recommendations: Mark Turnowski from Brilliantly Engaged (2nd place for me – great guy, great work quality), LC from Ultimate Jewelry Design (3rd place for me..great quality, but slightly higher prices), Nick from Kent NY (very nice guy, good prices), and David Friedlander from Diamonds by Lauren (very nice guy as well).

- Malik


Malik - couldn't agree more. IDJ is at the top of my list too! Glad you had a good experience. Would love to see pictures of the ring. :wavey:


Aug 8, 2005
This thread is useless without pictures!!!!! ;))


Dec 27, 2013
Great info! Thanks for sharing your experience. :clap: Now where are the pics? :naughty:


Jan 29, 2016
Gypsy|1454120225|3983851 said:
This thread is useless without pictures!!!!! ;))

Sorry for the late response - both myself and my fiance are private people and wary of sharing personal pictures - so we tend to not share such images/details. However, I can tell you that we based the ring on a LaurenB design that we loved. We did slight modifications to their Lepozzi Oval Diamond Engagement Ring (#RS-120). Its a delicate ring (minimum metal showing as possible) with a double sided halo mount and a split shank band. There are also some small diamonds underneath the mounting. The oval diamond IDJ found for us has very minimum (almost no) bowtie, a 1.39 ratio, and 100% light return based on FireTrace. Additionally, the diamond is basically colorless and eye-clean with really nice dimensions imo - bigger than most in its carat weight.

Similar Ring:
Video 1:
Video 2:

In terms of value, I got the ring independently appraised by a local GIA G.G. Senior Member of NAJA (appraisal value that comes with ring from any NYC dealer is basically bogus and not accurate at all imo) and the value of the ring came in at 18.5% more than I paid for it. Sooo..yeah IDJ pricing is very competitive and well worth it.

PS: Had a horrible experience with Aric from many lies and incredibly rude..would never trust them.
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