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My experience with Holloway Diamonds - not great. With pics


Jul 25, 2018
Hi guys, thank you so much for your replies. Sorry I have not replied, it’s been a busy week, and also I have been thinking about what I should do.
@southernicetea sorry to hear you had issues with your setting! I hope it got fixed. My setting was made in 18kt WG
Garry, thank you for sharing your number and inviting me to give you a call. Ultimately I’ve decided to take it somewhere else to be fixed. I don’t think the setting can be fixed by your jewellers - if it could be done perfectly I think it should have been done so if not the first time then the second time around. The thought of going back for a third time, being without my ring for another week or two, then potentially going back again and finding something not quite right, and dealing with your sales lady again, etc, really dismays me. So I don’t know if there’s anything further to discuss over the phone but I do appreciate you sharing your number.
I was so upset after picking up my ring and mainly in writing this thread I wanted to vent about my experience with other pricescopers who are also enthusiastic about their jewelry and get others’ opinions and thoughts
I would have done the same, and went with another jeweler entirely. I would not feel comfortable leaving my diamond; especially after the first couple encounters you had with this vendor. No way.

When you find the time, I'd love to see some new pics of your ring all set, pretty, and ready to make its debut into the world!


Dec 7, 2004
I think this is a shocker to many PS members about the quality of work of Garry Halloway. I know he has contributed to this thread but I for one was looking for more at an obvious botched job. I wonder if the Vatche setting is ruined and unrepairable
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