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Dec 8, 2002
I've been in the market for a diamond for a while now, and it looks like I may soon make the purchase. I bought the platinum setting some time ago, though, and it looks like I won't be getting the diamond from that jewelry store (too pricey).

I thought I would take the diamond I bought on the web to the jeweler, and have them mount it (after all, they sold me the ring). They said they coulod do it, but "we can't guarantee the diamond if by chance something happens to it while we're doing the work - we're only insured for work with diamonds people buy from us." So I called another jeweler I know and asked him if he'd do the work, and if he had "insurance" in the event that something happened to the stone during the mountint. He said "I have no idea ewhat you're talking about - nothing ever happens, and no one has that kind of insurance." Now I'm confused.....

1. How common are mishaps when diamonds are being mounted anyway? Should I even we worried about this?
2. Is it common for jewelry stores to guarantee your diamond against these mishaps? If so, it is always dependent (like in my first instance) on having bought the stone at that establishment?
3. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone in the Seattle area that could so this work for me?



Dec 31, 1999
1. Not often at all, but problems can and do happen at rare times. B. I don't think you should be very concerned.

2. I know of no insurance that is issued to jewelers should they break any diamond while setting it. Your personal insurance probably doesn't cover it either. Some stores will cover it on their own and they may charge a little more to do the work but your covered. This is a store policy type of thing.

3. I do not know anyone in that area. I would be happy to do it for you if you can't find someone local. Your cost would be higher just due to two shipping cost, but if your in a pinch just let me know.
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