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Dec 8, 2006
Thanks again everyone.You guys have been so helpful and it is much appreciated.Again if anyone has any more suggestions about where to go in Chicago to look for a diamond.We will be staying near Michigan ave.Let me be more clear about what I want.My budget is around 12,000 and that is for stone only and I can be somewhat flexable on that (whatever makes her happy oh boy!)The cut is most important so I am willing to sacrifice some color and clarity.I am trying to get as close to 1.5.I forgot to say that I am looking for a round.DEfently certified by GIA or AGS but around here that seems to go without saying.Again I appreciate everyones extensive knowledge and you can bet that I will post the specks of any diamond to get everyones opinion before I buy.Thanks again.


Nov 12, 2004
I dont know Chicago that well, but definitely check out Dimmend Scaasi if you are going to be there...a lot of people have had good experiences with them.
Are you opposed to buying online?
You can also check out Pearlman's jewelers- but dont know how far that is for you.

Independent Gal

Nov 12, 2006
Now, this is definitely not the place to SPEND your 12,000 if you want to get the most diamond for your buck, but if you''re going to be in Chicago looking at diamonds you should definitely go check out Graff, just for the experience of it. Achingly beautiful jewels! It''s like a museum in there, and it makes Tiffany look like a Maul Jeweler. I think they ONLY sell flawless diamonds there, and many of them are in the 2 digits, carat-wise, 14 karat? Hell NO! 14 CARAT! I once saw a 3 ct cushion there that was so beautiful, so perfectly cut (and D and IF of course) I almost died. I mean, I love diamonds, but this was like a diamond straight from heaven, and I was ready to go there after having it on my finger.

GAH! I love that place. OK. But anyway.

It''s on Oak Street, about half a block West of N. Michigan Ave. (and BTW, Michigan runs for many, many miles... I''m assuming you mean you''ll be staying on North Michigan... magnificent mile area?)

Security is pretty tight, obviously, but they sometimes let me try stuff on. Even crazy dripping-with-jewels stuff that costs more than I''ll earn in a lifetime.

Talk about playing dress-up.

Have fun!
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