More advice needed! Help! I cant choose between some stones!


Jul 27, 2011
Hi there,

Thanks for your comments.

It looks like everyone prefers the 1.50 stone. Sorry – Can’t believe I left the colour out! They are all F colours.

In regards to the 1.5 stone ( SI1), I am a bit concerned about the inclusion types. It has various inclusions, but I am concerned about what appears to be a cavity (or it may be a crystal??). I have read some feedback in relation to cavities where even though they may they may not be visible to the naked eye (as confirmed by the supplier), they tend to catch dirt once wearing the ring therefore making them visible? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Although the inclusion is not in the centre, it is towards side of the table but may still be in a bad spot? Another reader mentioned getting the cavity assessed? This surprised me as I thought cavities were I internal, not external cavities.

Your advice on cavities and other inclusions on the 1.5 cert would be appreciated!

Also, what does the AGS rating on the 1.5 stone mean? It says AGS1 rating but it has a GIA triple excellent rating. Then shouldnt it be AGS0? Please explain. I am confused!

I also want to compare a 1.40 stone (yes – you are correct, stones in the 1.4 range are hard to find!!! Please refer to the attached cert.

Based on the specs provided, is the size difference between the 1.40 stone and 1.50 stone that noticeable to justify the price difference ($18500 to $16,200)?? What do you think? The 1.40 also appears to have a cleaner table versus the 1.5 stone (although confirmed as eye clean by the supplier).

Based on the specs and prices of the attached certs, what would be the recommendation from the experts please ?? ) Which diamond would you get? I do tend to prfer the bigger sizes but also want to consider best quality for money.

In terms of quality and price, should I wait to find something better as these certs are not great?

Overall – are the specs I am looking good for the price? I want to ensure I am not paying too much??

Also, should I be prioritising another type of spec? I am worried based on my small knowledge of diamonds that I am not considering something else that is important as a part of my purchase? In saying that, I am still not completely sure about the best crown/ pav measurements as I know that these are important in terms of the brilliance/ sparkle of the diamond so your advice on these specs would be greatly appreciated!!

Where do you recommend I look online for more competitive pricing? If so, where? I found these from Australian importer in Melbourne. He has a 2 week full refund policy if I see the diamond and dont like it! He does not have them onsite.

All GIA certs are dated in May and June 2011

Sorry for the lengthy email but I am just so unsure!!!! )

Thanks so much!

Kind regards,


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Jul 27, 2011
Re: More advice needed! Help! I cant choose between some sto

Hi ! I should have mentioned! Some people tend to have more actual photos/ videos more than just the GIA spec? I only have GIA specs? Is that a problem?


Jan 18, 2009
Re: More advice needed! Help! I cant choose between some sto

I'll let the experts chime in on your questions about the inclusions as that is outside my knowledge, but in terms of photos posted here...they've been provided by the vendor. Many vendors (James Allen, for example) have the actual photos on their website. Others provide them via email. Can you ask your vendor to provide photos? If you'd like to look at some online vendors, go up to "Resources" above and click on "Featured Sponsor." These tend to be the ones the folks here recommend.


Sep 9, 2008
Re: More advice needed! Help! I cant choose between some sto

No way to judge the eye-cleanliness of a stone from just the grading report, you will have to see it or trust the jeweler to give an accurate assessment of it.

That said, the is a way to read additional info off the grading report. The listing of the inclusions always begins with the grade setting inclusion, the worse, then goes down. A grade setting feather will always be listed first if it is at the same rank as other grade setting inclusions. With this 2 rules, it can be deduced that the cavity is at worse a VS2 inclusions if not smaller as the feather is listed just above it and not the grade setting inclusions. Probably nothing to worry about at VS2 level or better.

AGS uses a slightly different set of criteria than GIA in their proportion cut grade and totally different algorithm for their performance based grading, so a GIA 3 Ex can get a lower AGS cut grade or a GIA 3 VG can get a better AGS cut grade, depends.

The AGS rating is probably generated by the sarin machine used to generate the additional numbers and that it seems to be using the old AGS system, a proportioned based system similar to GIA, instead of the performance based system AGS used for their better report. Do not put too much faith in that as results may also vary depending on a number of factors.

The 1.4c is iffy to me. Clarity grade is based on clouds not shown, usually a big diffused cloud that can result in a hazy stone in certain conditions. Proportions do not work that well together too.

For Australia, check out too.

farmer gal

Mar 26, 2011
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