Military GF?

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Jan 2, 2006
be careful and go slow. this guy has AL CO HOL IC written all over him didn''t you just get away from an alcoholic?

Independent Gal

Nov 12, 2006
Hi Alexis,

I followed your thread about what''s happened to you over the past couple of months, and I felt for you very deeply. What a horrible experience!
So, I have to say, flirting with a hot marine is probably a good thing - fun! flattering! - getting involved with him? Disastrous.

Kimberley and others have pointed out how great it is to take some time to be happy by yourself. For one thing, it''s such a great feeling to do what you want when you want, the nice emotional equilibrium, spending more time with your friends, getting to know yourself in new ways because you''re spending so much more time alone with yourself, and then there''s the fun, frivolous stuff: being free to flirt with hot marines whenever you want even though you know you would NEVER marry them, sleeping in the middle of the bed, not shaving your legs...

And a side effect of this is that most guys who are ''grown up'' in the real, deep sense, value nothing more than a woman who knows and likes herself, who can be happy by herself and with herself, and can take care of herself. Then you come to the man you may some day love a whole and deeply contented person, isntead of someone who needs something from him. (Of course, we all need things from our partners, but it''s nice if those needs grow out of love, not the love growing out of the need).

My 2% of a dollar.

But crushes are great balm for the soul after a break-up! So long as you keep them in perspective and don''t actually get involved too fast. I absolutely think we should have a ''Gals with Crushes'' forum!
So many of us newly single, ex-LIW''s (+ DMBfan) are in the throes of them. And let''s face it, what''s more entertaining than a crush? (so long as you are clear about your intentions and need for space and time, and aren''t HURTING anybody, of course).
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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