Maul Pink Sapphire - it was nice looking but flat!


Mar 29, 2007
I had a local Maul store bring in several pink sapphires for me to look at just out of curiosity - I wanted to see what they would produce. Two were not pink - they were like a light reddish pond scum color, The third one was very pretty - a lovely pink, bright and lively.. Looking down on it, the store was symetrical but it was not deep at all! It almost looked like all top! Is it possible to have a stone that is so shallow look good? I had the salesperson bring them in because when I get the one I ordered I wanted to have something to compare it to without charging thousands on my credit card to bring several stones to my house at once. Opinions on this? Also - if anyone would be so kind as to give me the name of a vendor they had a good experience with buying sapphires. Jeff White has nothing at the present time and I'm not sure I like the Richard Homer concave cut. I want a traditional cut pink oval stone as close to 3 cts as possible.

Thanks everyone - I look forward to your valuable opinions. Mind you - I have not received the first stone yet but I'm the type that is always looking for a plan B just in case.

kas baby

Jun 5, 2009
I've gotten something from Gary Braun at Finewater gems. He was very helpful when I was looking for a sapphire for my e-ring- and he was spot on with the color I wanted! It just wasn't the right shape for the ring my FI picked out ;( I hope it is somewhere being loved by the right person though....

anyway, you can always e-mail just to see :saint:
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