Looking to spend ~4500 on a diamond, help me decide how to do it!

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Mar 28, 2007
Hi all,

I''ve been in your standard mall jewelry store, looking at stones and settings, and looked at a 1.04 carat, H color, SI2 w/ GIA cert diamond that looked amazing in person. It was however $4950, and while thats not that far out of my range, I can''t afford to be that flexible. As such I''d like to attempt to replicate that as best as I can for slightly less.

I''ve been reading a lot around here, and decided I''d join the masses and ask for a little advice. Looking for round diamond with the best cut I can get for a stone at about 1 carat, no lower than H or I in color. Clarity is flexible as you can''t see it without trying to, though I am bit nervous about this part, as it seems to be the most subjective.

Now I''ve been searching all over for stones that meet these characteristics, with what I think are somewhat mixed results. I''ve been finding stones that seem to have very similar characteristics but vary substantially in price. Is there a good explanation for this? I''ve also plugged several into the HCA, thereby knocking a few out of contention that had seemed excellent otherwise. Who knew "excellent cut" had such variability?



Jan 1, 2007
I found quite a few right away at I searched their Expert Selection (I believe these are all ideal cut) rounds 1.00-1.18 ct, G-I and VS1-SI2. Also, they do offer a Pricescope and wire transfer discount so the prices should be lower than what is listed on their website.

Here are a few:

1.067 H SI2 for $4490
1.033 G SI2 for $4546
1.143 I SI1 for $4828

I would make sure the stones are eyeclean and I would also ask about the Pricescope discount to see how much lower the prices are. Also, a simple white or yellow gold solitaire setting should only be about $200.

(I''m sure you could find comparably priced ideal cut stones on other Pricescope vendors'' websites as well, I just used the one I know best and had a good experience with. If you do go with, I highly recommend Sheerah. She was my sales representative and she''s great!)

Good luck!

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Jul 6, 2004
I three spy the 1.06 H at WF...however...

Date: 3/28/2007 11:51:33 PM
I've also plugged several into the HCA...
consider using this, and letting the db here do the work for you. You'll see others, too, and you may find paying a bit more is worth it to get a G, or whatever.
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