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Looking for a 2c RB J VS2


Dec 10, 2016
I've been looking at various diamonds for an engagement ring. Found a 1.81 whiteflash ACA which I ordered. I went to the local jewelry store to compare it to a 2.0c J VS2 gia EX/EX/EX which looked just as good to me both in the store and in the sunlight. I'm a little nervous to purchase the stone b/c when I put the proportions into the HCA it comes up with a score of 3.4. I used a hearts and arrows viewer in the store and it looked pretty good to my untrained eye. Am I missing something? My fear is that when I look at it out of the store and in other lighting conditions, it won't shine as bright. My other idea was to get this stone from James Allen

The HCA score is 1.8 so within the acceptable range and an idealscope image below

Please help


Apr 19, 2016
Im no pro on MRBs, but the stone from JA has a noticeable black crystal. It may not be eye clean. For me, I'd pass on it.

Bumping this so someone else can help you.


Jan 11, 2006
I'd probably pass, too. I also don't love a 33 crown angle as 34-35 is what I search for when looking for the best cut stones.

For just a little more, you could be in the superideal cut diamonds. I am posting some J color over 2 cts and some I color just under 2 cs. You can bump up to I color if you go slightly under 2 cts and avoid the big price jump at 2 cts.

The other big advantage of WF is that they have a great upgrade policy. The diamond can cost any amount more than the original diamond and you get full credit for your original diamond (minus shipping) toward the new diamond. I think it is possible with J color that she might later decide she wants a higher color, or you may decide to upgrade in size. I have used their upgrade policy to upgrade my diamond stud earrings more than once, so I see that as a valuable option to have.
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