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Feb 23, 2016
A little background: I love Emerald cuts, I always have and I always will. Do not get me wrong, beautiful diamonds in all shapes makes my hart flutter but I find the elegance, vintage feel and subtle beauty of an EC unmatched.

I had a beautiful EC in my wedding ring (solitaire, I only wore one ring). With lots of fire and flashes but it unfortunately I lost it in an accident a couple of months ago. The EC was actually picked by Mark Turnowski and I was very happy with it.

Everything would be fantastically easy otherwise but things get more complicated since I live in Europe (and NOT in a country with great access to diamonds). My insurance will cover at least some of the expenses of a new stone and ring but they rather I buy from here. I might get them to agree for me to buy overseas and get it shipped here but then I have to pay at least 24% sales tax and 5% customs. This would eat up a big chunk of my budget (and I am not sure they will agree to this, after first conversation the answer was a no, but I do not usually take the first no :angel: )

For my ring it looks as I am going to ask my friend (a very talented goldsmith) to help me with the ring itself. Unfortunately she is not an expert on fancy cuts (only rounds here) so I am pretty much on my own to find the stone.

I did some research for my original diamond, but after finding Mark I really did not have to anymore. I know I like my EC: s fatter (ratio around 1.3). I would love to go for a size 1,2-1,5ct. I am fine with a lover color as long as it faces up white (I am as pale as you get so a warmer color will probably get lost on me). Clarity vise I can go as low as it is safe in an EC.

But now I need help ☺ Since I might be stuck with this one and only source for the diamond (and he definitely does not seem that excited about EC :s, the first thing he did was suggested a radiant instead). What should I ask for with the regards to the cut? Should I go with the EC guidelines for ideal. What other things do I need from him? –An ASET? –a video?

I have tried to educate myself of how the ASET should look like. But at least the link here: does not work…

Please, please help me with my first “list” to the vendor to narrow it down :angel:


Sep 23, 2011
Have you checked out GOG? They're really good at evaluating fancy cut diamonds, and whomever helps you can assist with the insurance stuff.
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