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Leonid - a special request

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Apr 6, 2003
Hello! I was wondering if you would mind doing a computer-generated analysis for this pear to check for brilliance/bowtie/light loss. I''m sorry that I don''t have information about the crown or pavilion...

Pear brilliant
carat: 1.01
length: 9.53
width: 6.24
depth: 2.86
depth %: 45.8%
table %: 58%
girdle: medium to thick, faceted
culet: none
polish: good
symmetry: good
clarity: VS1
color: E
fluorescence: medium blue

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
Hi Blush. Unfortunately, an accurate DiamCalc profile can not be created for your stone without the crown/pavilion height/angle information, because the possibilities are endless.

I have, however, attached two hypothetical profiles- one of a pearshape diamond having the depth of your diamond (45.8%), and one having a more traditional 61.2% depth.

The arrows point to the girdle reflection inside the table. The shallowness tends to have a "breaking up" effect on the facet reflection, creating a rippley "shimmering" effect rather than a symmetrical facet pattern. On the good side, the effect of a "bowtie" is usually obliterated by the shimmering reflection pattern.

Again, a very shallow pearshape diamond will look "glassy" compared to others, and will tend to "dull out" when dirty.


Apr 6, 2003
Thank you SO much Richard! I finally understand what you were trying to explain to me (a picture reallly is a thousand words
) Now I can decide what is more important - my quest for a pear without any bowtie that looks glassy or a more traditional pear with the possibilities of a bowtie or dark areas that looks more like a diamond. I'm sure there are variables in here somewhere... Again, thank you very much!


Oct 4, 2002

Well as someone who just finished a search for an outstanding pear, I can tell you that your search will be rewarding, but painstaing. I searched for quite a long time, but then again I was looking for the best of the best. And I believe I found it.

First, I don't think you will find a pear with no bowtie that is cut well. A well cut pear will have a minimal bowtie, but to have no bowtie at all typically ends up with a poor cut pear, as shown by Rich's pics. Don't worry about that little bowtie as it just becomes one of the characteristics of the diamond that gives it a life of its own. Just make sure it is not prominent.

I have asked countless questions on here about pear diamonds. Do a search for pears, and my user name, and you should find quite a bit of information. Also, check That is where I found my diamond and I know that have a couple of other pears that are fabulous. I purchased the 1.04ct F/SI1, but I also looked at (gog shipped it to me) the 1.14 f/vs2. I am quite sure GOG can help you though.

Also, check out the cut parameters at Dave Atlas's website. That is where I started from.
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