Leibish = awesome!


May 11, 2009
I know Kenny has recommended Leibish in the past, and his posts are the ones that led me to them in the first place - but after receiving an email bright and early this morning I felt it necessary to chime in. I have not even received my stone yet, though it is in transit, so can not speak for the final product. However - I have been trolling through the green diamonds :naughty: and noticed yesterday that they are having a 4 day, 20% off sale. This sale began 48 hours after I wired my money to them, to purchase my baby pink. :blackeye:

I emailed Aviva to enquire about the possibility of applying the 20% discount post-sale, as it was so very close in timing. I got a lovely email back this morning, graciously agreeing to do just that and offering to send the extra hundreds of dollars to me either via wire transfer, or keep in store as credit in the case I *do* pick up one of the greens. :appl: What a wonderful company. They are by no means indebited to give me that sale price, but very generously have. That's good customer serivce.

I'd like opinions on the new stone I'm considering, but am not comfortable posting yet as I am not close to purchasing. I've got a house to look at in the next week - so it might be a case of investment proprerty vs green diamond. :rolleyes: I'm not sure how one can be expected to make decisions like these!


Apr 30, 2005
Ginger, I'm glad to read about another good Leibish experience and I'm looking forward to pics of your FCD.
They didn't have to do that since it was a done deal.

By now after some 16 purchases, I'll bet some PSers suspect I must be a shill for Leibish so it's nice to hear good reviews from others.
They have often gone above and beyond what's expected for me, but I'm a long time repeat customer.
Apparently they treat new customers just as well. :appl:


Apr 12, 2011
I bought a fancy pink diamond from them and they were wonderful from start to finish. I would buy again from them in a heartbeat! Glad you had a great experience too :)
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