Is VS2 overkill naked eye cleanness?

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May 28, 2002
I think I've decided to scrap my previous worries about inclusions being visible from the side. After all, I do plan on having it set in a six prong setting, so I really wonder just how much she'll be looking at it on the side. Do any of you women think this is an issue as long as it's spotless topside? Does anybody think that an SI1 inclusion will really be an eyesore if it's an Ideal cut? Are they just teeny tiny specs without a microscope? I ask this because I think my final decision will be on an 1 carat H color SI1 stone, with ideal cut of course. I mean if GIA/AGS graded SI1 stones really have ugly inclusions, even when mounted in a six prong setting, I'll consider VS2. I'm just wondering if VS2 is overkill when NOBODY will be whipping out a loupe on this baby. Naked eyes only! I mean I want to buy a beautiful perfect looking diamond but if VS2 is overkill for what I have planned for it let me know.



Dec 31, 1999
vs1 vs. SI1 is a matter of preference if the inclusion is not at all visible to the naked eye. Some people are bothered by being able to see an inclusion from the side. Some people don't mind if the inclusion can be covered by a prong. Have an appraiser check out any stone you buy to be sure there are no durability problems and no inclusions that reflect in bright light. What may be a problem in a 2 carat stone, may not be one in a 1 carat stone.


Feb 19, 2002
unfortunately, not too much advice is going to help you since this clarity decision is going to have to be made on a stone by stone basis.
not all SIs are created equal...there are great AGS/GIA SIs and not so great ones.
heck, you could probably find an SI2 with an inclusion off to the side that could be covered by a prong and couldn't even be found with a loupe once set.
you could also probably find a vs2 with an inclusion that bothers you.
personally, yes, it would bother me if there was a piece of black junk that i could see from the side of my diamond. but, not all SIs are going to have black junk in it.
shoot for an eye-clean si, if you can't find one that looks clean enough for you then you can jump up to a vs2.


Jun 4, 2002
The visibility of SI-1 inclusions really does depend on the stone.

If I were buying sight unseen over the internet I would go with a VS-2 rather than an SI-1.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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