Is an EGL "I" color mean that its really a "J" colored stone?

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Jun 11, 2003
Just bought a 1.64 carat, I colored, VS2 diamond. Its EGL certified and I''m worried about it not being near colorless. Are any EGL certs accurate? also, what do you think of a 1.64 diamond with 62% depth and 55% table?


Mar 31, 2003
Depth and table are within the desired range, but that's not enough info to make a sound recommendation. The pros here will need more like crown height, angle and pavillion depth and angles. EGL can be accurate, according to what's said around here is that their international labs aren't always the most consistent or conservative. If you still have time in your return policy and not knowng for sure really bothers you have it checked out by an accredited independent appraiser.


Sep 3, 2000
I think you will find it very difficult to pin down any direct relationship between EGL color grading and GIA color grading. Neither lab publishes much in the way of comparing their proprietary color systems. EGL does not clearly state it uses GIA grading. Then again, I don't see where EGL says they are using a different system.

Every lab that uses the GIA system can only hope to mimic the GIA's use of the system. It is still somewhat subjective at this point.
While we have seen EGL differ from GIA standards, we also have seen EGL exactly on the mark with GIA. I believe that EGL is moving its USA labs in the tighter direction. The foreign EGL labs are not under the same management. They are run differently. I also believe EGL USA is moving to prevent the importation of foreign EGL reports into the USA because of this desire to provide a better respected appraisal product.
This is commendable.

Caution is always recommended for the purchase of an expensive or important item. Having someone reliable check it out is money well spent. While you may prefer a GIA or AGS report, remember that EGL has long given the details of cutting to consumers that have yet to appear on GIA reports. This is something of importance that EGL has been a leader in rather than a follower.

PS: I don't work for EGL.. I compete on a very small scale with them, so my decent opinion of them is not bought and paid for.

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Feb 26, 2003
What does "near colorless" mean to you? Compared to a medium well hamburger an I or J or K stone will be "near colorless". Set it next to a D color diamond and the IJK colored stone will look dark indeed.

HIJK are considered "near colorless", but don't get hung up on the terminology. Look at different colored stones and see what you like. If you have concerns, buy from a place with a generous return policy, take it to a pro (like oldminer) and the two of you can decide if you got what you paid for.


Mar 12, 2003
EGL does have a reputation for being more leinent with their color grading. So far, one jeweler and two diamond dealers I've talked to all said that chances are if a stone with an EGL cert went to GIA, it would come back with a color grade a step below what the EGL cert says. However, I and J are still in the near colorless range. Something that you do get with EGL that is NOT on the GIA cert is the percentages for the crown, pavillion and culet. These are helpful for determining the cut grade.

Most importantly, if you love the way the stone looks, that's all that really matters. You can drive yourself nuts pouring over the stats of a stone. You (or your fiancee) will be wearing the stone, not the certificate.


Oct 30, 2002
I have seen I colored old cut diamonds set in plat and they look pretty white to me. But then again, unset is a different matter. H colored stones to me look very white. I is where things start to get a little hazy...some people can see it, some can't. J is even more so. I think most agree that K is where you really start to see the warmth.

If you really are worried, get the diamond independently appraised to see what color it REALLY is. EGL diamonds are also more heavily discounted than GIA or AGS stones, partly because of the reputation.

As the others noted, if you love it, who cares!! wear it in good health and know that people think it's beautiful..regardless.

Didn't others already answer your question on the cut in the other post?

Good luck!


Aug 20, 2003
We just got back a stone from egl in la.

the stone is I color and has a visible inclusion, even with my lousy eyes.

they certified is H color and get this - they rated it SI1!!!


they stink
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