Inventory Drop Recently??


Oct 28, 2015
I recently scheduled to see some diamonds from Ritani and I was told my diamond and alternate were purchased by another vendor already. In checking their inventory and Blue Nile it seems that there is a drop in quantity of diamonds in my range 1.15-1.25c G VS2>. Is it just holiday/engagement season? Back to the drawing board for me... but at least i had helpful tools from reading these posts!


Aug 26, 2015
I recently posted about falling diamond prices since I started my search, and was pointed to this Rapaport news article:

If you read further beyond the price changes, the article mentions that there are large polished inventories but manufacturers are significantly cutting output due to overpriced rough. During my search I used the Pricescope search tool but ended up using Ritani due to the ability to preview the stone in person. While the Ritani inventory is a little more limited, I think you'll be able to find what you're looking for with a little patience. It took me over 4 month to find the right one for me! Inventory seemed to continually be added on Ritani, but the good deals probably get scooped up pretty quickly. I don't quite know how things will change during the holiday season.

I think there were a lot more options closer to the 1.15 range. For example I recently saw this diamond on Ritani which has a very recent cert date:

I know it is one color grade lower than what you have been searching, but I noticed there are a lot more options for H color stones which caused me to drop my search from G to H.

Here's my post on diamond prices if you're interested:

PS I won't mention any specific sites, but I was able to get 5% cash back on Ritani by using one of those click through shopping portals.


Jan 4, 2015
Over the years I have noticed that there is a sudden slump in diamond availability in the run up to engagement seasons along with higher prices then as suddenly after the season supply opens up again a miracle - thats how you get rich lol
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