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Dec 31, 1999
Please give your opinion on whether you guys pro or against inflammatory posts.

I personally prefer correct and professional communications. That’s why we had this rule:

You agree that you ... will keep posts friendly and purely informative to consumers, as this is the philosophy behind RockyTalky and PriceScope. Posts that violate these rules will be removed by the moderator. We reserve the right to remove merchants who repeatedly violate these rules from PriceScope.

Shall we insist on keeping conversations in the professional manner or it is entertaining to read controversies and insults?

Thanks so much.


Oct 8, 2002
"Inflammatory Posts" are difficult to define, because they are subjective to each reader. I would like to see the conversations on the forum to remain open-minded and educational, at the same time allowing members to keep to their personality.

If unnecessary insults or personal attaches occur, Leonid, I suggest that you give the posting person a "private warnings" rather than posting it on the forum (discretion is appreciated). I believe we all know how to be gracious and pleasant to one another, with each other's encouragement and support.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!!



Jun 4, 2002
I agree with GiGi that it's important to let each person have a personality.

I confess that I did find it amusing when Rockdoc accused you of being a communist and violating his constitutional rights.


Sep 2, 2002
Hi Leonid!

Man, unfortunate about that other thread...kinda weird to see what seemed like a fairly tight knit group of professionals and enthusiasts fall apart at the drop of the hat. Hopefully we can keep this forum from turning into another DiamondTalk. Anyway...

About posting, of course the goal should be to provide unbiased truthful information to the consumer. People offering services (whether it be selling diamonds, selling appraisal services, or selling banner space) have an ethical do any salespeople. Do you offer truly unbiased info and potentially hurt your income, or do you offer biased info that will increase your chances of income (If a person gain the whole world yet forfeit their own soul, what good is it?)?

Of course, when you ask if we the consumers want the opportunity to insult one another and gain misleading info from dealers about diamonds the answer is NO. Nor do we want to watch different people in the diamond trade sling mud. But we also don't want a forum censored of all opinions that are viable and yet differ from Pricescope's advertisers. You are in a tough position, and I don't envy certainly should reap a financial reward for all you do out here, yet to censor threads with your wallet in mind would cause the forum to lose all integrity.

I think the best policy would be to monitor and censor the personal attacks, but allow the forum to take care of the forum in all other cases. Allow misinformation to be posted, or biased info (it's all biased anyway, right? lol), and then RESPOND (or let other experts)with correct info! The dialog will allow the consumers to choose, force them to do more research and in the end hopefully what is good will prevail. It might be risky, but the alternative of having a moderator with divided interests censoring posts (other than personal attacks)is much less appealing.

Leonid, you do a great job out here! I would have been lost without Pricescope! Hope this post helps as you contemplate what to do...:praise:


Sep 2, 2002
I like the usually calm atmosphere here, but it does help consumers to read debates about things like the HCA and the Brilliancescope, for example.

One suggestion would be that if you have objections to posters whom you know, try to work this out by private e-mail or, better, a phone call. People have a tendency to go a bit crazy when communicating in the impersonal medium of posts or e-mail, and say things they would never say in person. A diplomatic phone call could be more effective.

Another suggestion: consumers know that vendors want to sell and that appraisers want to get business, so if there is a business website in the signature line consumers know to keep this in mind while reading posts. When posters wear their biases on their sleeves, these biases aren't too harmful. If their biases are hidden, that is what is really insidious.

One thing that would be really helpful would be a site where people like Rockdoc, Gary, Brian, and Barry could present their differing opinions on how best to buy a diamond in a well-structured way. It can be difficult weeding through the mess of past threads to try to arrive at one's own judgement of what is good information and what is hype.

Just a few thoughts.

Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
The benefit of this forum is the genuine help and advice consumers get.

Problems with some forums occur when individuals get into flaming wars which scare off casual consumers.

I have been guilty of involvement and contribution to those flaming wars in the past on another diamond forum. This forum has frequant wars, as well as genuinely contributive debate about cut issues. Sometimes the line between flame and debate is blurred. Sometimes the flaming is viciuos, a recent example involved anti semetic sentiment and professional allegations that made people feel sick.

I am only conciously aware of 'flamiong' on RockyTalky once this year with someone who has been a friend for a few years. I felt terrible and hope that we have repaired our damaged relationship since.

In general RT is a very freindly place and this is largely due to, and reflects, Leonids gentle nature.

Being here and giving advice helps those with products and services to sell. Netequitte is such that the line between promotion and assistance is a fine distinction. Leonid owns and runs the site. I think it is fair that he makes the calls. If he is biased, then that is life, however I believe he honestly applies his rules with an even a hand as he can.

The fact that there are few wars here indicates the whell is not broken :)

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
As much as I'd like to say "throw the bum out", I fear the next time around I might be the bum.

It reminds me of all the unpleasantries we have to put up with in maintaining a free society. Like letting the Klan demonstrate publicly in order that we may all demonstrate publicly.

That said, I see nothing wrong with a set of rules which applies equally to all, and all are made aware of. First violation- a warning, second violation- probation, third violation- you're out. Even the Klan has to "follow the rules" if they don't want the cops busting up their demonstration.

In order to avoid being labeled discriminatory, have a panel of seven who will rule on such matters. Leonid, leave yourself out of the seven. Any member or consumer can submit a grievance or notify the panel of transgressions. Everyone will agree to this process at the time they "sign up". Offenders could be be temporarily "suspended" until a decision is made in regards to their privilege of posting being reinstated. They would have the right to explain their side of the story to the panel, as well as feedback from others involved being submitted.

No one knows how valuable a "right" is until it is taken away, or there is a threat of it being taken away. The "right" to be a part of this forum community should be contingent upon ethical, moral and civilized behaviour. Someone who consistently violates one or more of these components should lose his right of posting.



Apr 30, 2002
Leonid, it's your forum, your rules and you decide the tone of the messages. If somebody doesn't like it, they can go to another forum. Only conflictive personalities will not like it and leave.

Ideal, from my point of view, would be, if somebody said something inappropriate, flag the message as 'warned' or post a short warning message and elaborate with them on a private email.
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