Incoming "Crisscut" type solitaire


Dec 12, 2016
Woooooow..would you look at her!!! Beautiful.

Who cuts moissys like this? I'd love to know.

I use antique diamond jewel on Etsy to create some of my rings. Their quality is beautiful and their pricing is much better than the other vendors I’ve gotten quotes from (popular named ones anyway). You could try them.


Sep 20, 2009
What a great find! I absolutely love this, looks to be a beautifully performing stone and the ring is really pretty.

Thank you, diamondhoarder.I do think it performs well. Not as brilliant as a RB but a different look that I enjoy. I am considering a reset in the future that would create a 3 stone look. I've had a big buy year, so need to cool it or a while, before I set off on new projects.

Darn, none available!

Oh no. The inventory seems to be shared across several platforms. Hopefully more show up soon. I have picked up a rose cut in Ritani's lab inventory too. Inventory seems to come and go. Their prices are usually pretty competitive.

How did I miss this gorgeous ring? It's fabulous and it has us all running to the Ritani website. Where, as posted above, there are none left. Shrewd move, MMtwo.
Awe, thanks Ibrakeforpossums! Sorry about the empty inventory - I hope more come in for all who want them.

What an absolutely cool ring

Oh wow that looks great! It looks like it performs well!
I've been happy - it does seem to perform very well. I don't see any window facets, all seem bright and reflective with varied "on and off" reflections across the stone.

I appreciate the kind comments!
I may try for another video in different lighting.
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