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May 10, 2011
A little background...

My boyfriend (now fiance) have been together just over three years. A few months ago he asked me what style of ring or shape of diamond I wanted, I took this as one big green light and sent him dozens and dozens of pictures. I'm not what you would call subtle. Anyway, I did tell very close friends and my immediate female family members about this. I originally had wanted a very simple ring, nothing fussy, just a simple solitaire but very clean looking and had always admired anything with a full bezel. But once I had talked about to a few of the women in my life, the response was the same "Isn't that too plain?" "Don't you want something a little fancier?" "Really, but that is so simple?" You get the picture. Well I listened. All of a sudden the pictures turned from solitaires (mainly bezels) to halos and pave sides and etc. My boyfriend noticed the very drastic change and asked me what was going on. I assured him that it was just what I decided. But it really wasn't. I, unfortunately, didn't listen to what I wanted. So my boyfriend went out and got the most gorgeous ring EVER. But, it just wasn't MY ring. The proposal was perfect. I was so in love with the guy. But as the days went on I realized I was not in love with the ring. So I made the difficult decision to tell my now fiance about these feelings. His face looked like I had just punched him in the gut. I told him that I wanted our marriage to be based on honesty and trust from the very beginning and I knew that if the tables were turned, I would want to know. And he understood. Completely. He told me it was MY ring and no one else's. He was just glad I told him in the 30 day return window and not 5, 10, 20, or 50 years into our marriage because it would have hurt so much worse then. He has been so amazing and I do not know how I got so lucky to have such an understanding guy who can love so unconditionally. So as difficult as it was, he sent back the ring he proposed to me with and now we are searching for MY ring. And as far as style goes, I am not listening to anyone else but him and I. But when it comes to stats, I need a little help. I have done a lot of research but my research falls very short in one area: Fluorescence.

The Search:

I am searching for Pear diamonds. I fell in love with a setting at James Allen so out of ease and in hopes of the second engagement ring experience going smoothly, we will be purchasing the diamond through them instead of buying the diamond separately. There are a few things that stick out to me that matter the most: there has to be no cutlet, I want the ratio to be anywhere from 1.40-1.55 (preferably closer to 1.40), since I am buying online I would like to keep the clarity at VS2 or above (probably at VS2 because of cost), I want to carat weight to be 1.50 or above, and the diamond itself to be just under $10,000.

Here is where I get stuck: Color and Fluorescence.

How important is color in a pear shaped diamond of that size with a VS2 clarity? (I would not go below an "I" because I do not feel comfortable below that) but I am worried about it looking too yellowish (FYI I am using a yellow gold setting, so I have heard that means I should go up in color or I can go down in color... conflicting information. I spoke with a very reputable diamond dealer in NY who told me that with yellow gold you can go down in color a bit since it will appear yellowish anyway. This concerns me because I do not want my diamond to look yellowish).

My next problem, perhaps my biggest concern because I know so little about it, is Fluorescence. I have heard that you shouldn't get ring with any because it could look milky but then I have heard it is a very rare percentage. (Would I be able to tell on James Allen Ring Viewer feature?) Then I have heard that from the H-J range you can have some to strong blue fluorescence because it "gives the diamond a white boost." What would it be like in the sun if the ring had a strong blue fluorescence? (I do not really frequent places with black lights so I am not concerned with that, haha) So what are the real answers?

Let me put it this way:

1.84 carats, Color: I, Clarity: VS2, Ideal cut, no cutlet, ratio: 1.44, and about $750 under our budget, BUT Strong Blue Fluorescence.


1.51 carats, Color: G, Clarity: VS2, Ideal cut, no cutlet, ratio: 1.41, with NO fluorescence BUT about $650 over our budget.

Both are GIA certified and have really similar measurements (the 1.84 would probably appear very similar in size to the 1.51 since the 1.84 is a lot deeper). Obviously no one wants to go over budget, a budget is a budget for a reason. That being said, If the difference is important and if $650 is all that is standing between a much better quality ring over 50 years, I do not think it will be too much of a problem. Hopefully :saint:

So what would you do? And perhaps someone in the industry or someone more knowledgeable could answer my questions about color and fluorescence. Thanks!!!!!!!


May 27, 2010
If it were me, I would see the diamonds side by side in person.

The flouresence in an I colored stone can be a very good thing ( make it appear whiter) or you may not like the look.

I would have them shipped to your jeweler and look at them side by side in person if you don't have them both available to see.

Also pears can get that bow tie effect, and that would be another huge reason to get them both to look at. But with regards to fluorescence IMO it is great for I colored stones, as long as they don't get a milky look, but some people find I color too warm, and even with fluorescence, it it still too yellow for them. Personally though, I love h- I color... Even j isn't too yellow for me when it means a larger diamond !


Jul 30, 2010
I think fluorescence is more a matter of personal preference. Here's GIA's 1997 study for some background:

Hazy/milky/oily "overblues" can be an issue, but they are rare and JA can give you an honest opinion.

Indoor shots of my I with strong blue fluorescence: [URL=''][/URL]

Outdoor shots of jsb1976's J with strong blue fluorescence: [URL=''][/URL]

I second Marquiseluv's suggestion to compare them side by side if possible. I think the differences in color and cut will be much more noticeable in pears.


Jan 29, 2010
My diamond is a M color with strong blue fluorescence. The clarity is VS2. It faces up like an I color. I don't mind a bit of warmth in my diamonds, but I'm not as color sensitive as others. Plus, the strong blue fluorescence kept the price WAY down ;))

In full bright sun, all I see are sparkles. It's never looked milky to me in any way.

Out in shaded sunlight:

Out in full sun on a leaf:

Out in full sun handshot..sorta (it's on my pinky b/c I'm 9months pregnant and it doesn't fit at the moment):

Unmounted on a windowsill on a sunny day:


May 10, 2011
Thanks everyone so much for your comments, advice, and most importantly the link to the GIA study and the pictures. I made a decision! The fluorescence factor made me nervous because I felt like since I couldn't see the diamond in person, I didn't like the uncertainty of what the actual stone would look like in different lights. I am so excited but since my ring is set in a bezel setting (apparently that takes a long time to set) it will not be ready to be shipped until May 27th ;( But I think I really picked the perfect ring for me!!! I'll post pictures when it comes! As for the stats: 1.75 carats, Pear, Color: H, Clarity: VS2, L-W Ratio: 1.44, Fluorescence: None. It came in $530 over our budget but believe the money was well-spent.

Now I cannnnnnot wait!!!!!!!!
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