I''m concerned.

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Jun 3, 2003
So I bought a diamond some time ago, from an internet vendor. I spent a little while looking for it, so I''m pretty familiar with it''s specs. It''s GIA certified.

Recently, I''m bored at work and decide to see what else is out there with similar specs. I hit the major sites and after about 5 minutes, I find a stone that sounds pretty close.

Real close.

In fact, it has exactly the same specs. I say "wow", how often does that happen. I click on it, and low and behold, it''s my diamond! The cert online is the same cert that''s in my filing cabinet at home. In fact, the scan of the cert is the same as when I bought it. The same image, only now it has a different filename... because it''s got a different item number.

Now I''m not one to jump to conclusions, and can certainly understand if this is an inventory mistake, but I am also aware that (get this) not all people are honest, particularly on the net. So I visit the GIA website ( and notice that they''ve recently busted people for forging GIA certifications.

What do you think?

And don''t bother asking what site/dealer. I''m not releasing the hounds on anyone just yet.


Oct 30, 2002
Did you get your stone independently appraised after purchase? If not, I highly suggest having this done now. The appraiser will be able to tell you if the stone matches the cert and vice versa, and give you an idea of what their thoughts are on how likely it is that your stone may have been given a fraudulent cert or similar.

It could also very well be that the stone information was mistakenly put back into circulation, I know there are times when I was looking when I would ask for info on a stone that was posted, and then the vendor would go..oops sorry that never should have been there. Bad inventory management, but it does happen. Or if it was a virutal wholesale purchase and many vendors carried it in their DB, they may not have ever removed it or there may be a server glitch or old data may have been refreshed, etc. The internet world is not foolproof, on our site at work there are times when old data resurfaces onto a product page that was re-written months ago and no one can really explain how that happened.

In any case, there could be many reasons for it, I suggest your best bet is getting the stone checked out by a reputable appraiser, and if they cast doubt on the purchase and stone as well, then you may want to contact the vendor and/or send the stone to GIA for re-certing to see what it comes back as.

I wouldn't get too concerned yet...get it checked out and it may be a little scare for nothing.

Good luck!!


Jan 15, 2003
Simply call your vendor, explain your situation/concerns and let them take care of it...I'm sure it's probably just an inventory glitch.
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