Ideal Cut ?

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Jun 7, 2003
What''s the use of labeling a diamond "ideal" cut when it may not have the ultimate sparkle factor (per what I''ve read on this forum)?
How would one even attempt to find the ultimate sparkle factor, as there are so many combinations of % and degrees which make up the sparkle factor, it would be hard to get a non-e-tailer jeweler to get the perfect stone for you (unless, it seems, if you can go on-line and buy that way, where there may be enough info to make the best choice? Just wondering.


Jan 29, 2003
"Ideal Cut" is a classification of proportions that tends to produce diamonds with better visual performance than diamonds of average proportions on a more consistent basis than non-ideal cut diamonds... This is not to say that there are not non-ideal cut diamonds that produce equivelent results, it's just that they are much more difficult to find. As far as finding the better ideal cut diamonds, it will help to keep the crown angle between 34.3 - 34.8 degrees and the pavilion angle between 40.6 - 40.9 degrees. Comparable visual performance can be obtained by combining a steeper crown angle with a shallow pavilion angle or a shallower crown angle with a deeper pavilion angle... A virtual balance of the two oposing angles or direct opposites high/low seem to produce the best light return...

It isn't any more difficult for a traditional B&M jewelry store to produce a selection of ideal cut diamonds for you than it is for those of us on the internet to do so... They have access to the same diamond dealers that we do, but they are likely to charge a lot more for diamonds of the same quality. Of course, some of us offer the best of both worlds to our clients by offering internet prices in a traditional brick and mortar environment... Perhaps you have an internet dealer in your local area who can help you find the ideal cut diamond of your dreams...
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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