I have a 13.31 carat diamond any idea how much to sell

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Jul 27, 2009
Setting a realistic selling price for a diamond in this quality range (no matter what lab grades it) is mostly a function of eye appeal. If the pique is too noticeable and/or the stone suffers from loss of brilliance due to the overall clarity characteristics, it will be a non-starter for most buyers.

You will likely need to get the stone physically in the hands of a number of potential buyers to gauge reaction and find someone truly interested. This is where working with a reputable broker will be beneficial.

Selling a stone like this remotely based on stats is not likely to yield results. You are better off finding a local professional that can provide access to the kind of buyers likely to be interested in a stone of this nature.

I agree with @denverappraiser that paying for a GIA report on this diamond will probably not be advantageous to you.


Feb 21, 2010
WOW, I never thought I would need to know this again or pass it on but I learned it anyway when a client was looking for a 10ct+ in this range. All they really cared about was 10ct+.

Th market for these are mainly in HK and Dubai.
They are very rarely sent to GIA at this level as there is nothing really to be gained other than lower profits because of the cost of the report.
At the time I looked into it they were mostly bought and sold through brokers to consumers.
Pricing is all over the place so the price in one place may not be the price in another.
Its comparatively a small market but it has a lot of money in it.
You would need to find someone dealing in this market to get anything for it from a trade member.

Thanks @Karl_K - Lore knows the diamond business is full of weird quirks and I love the insider’s view you Bring to the endless oddities of the world of polished rocks and us weirdos who buy them.


Nov 7, 2004
Thanks Karl, Bryan for giving us your knowledge. Interesting stuff. That makes sense that really, it's going to come down to how it looks on the hand whether someone will be interested or not, and that means a dealer who can show it to potential customers...
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