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How many of one colour is too many?


Aug 7, 2019
My two coppers: If that lab sapphire is really just not the color you wanted, you might be better off to return it or sell it and start over rather than put more money into having it set.

When I end up with multiples of close to the same thing, it's usually because the first (and maybe second and third haha) were not exactly right. Either what I really wanted was out of my budget at the time, the piece didn't look the same in person as online but I settled for it, or I learned more about it and wanted something better.

In the end, I'd wear the favorite and the others just sat in the jewelry box.

But if you truly WANT and will wear a few pieces that are similar to each other, that's different.

Another idea is to go for different types of jewelry. So if you already have a nice ring with a blue stone, next get blue stone earrings, pendant or bracelet.

We will of course expect to see all of it! :)

I think this is great advice. It pays to be very careful and thoughtful with purchasing decisions. It’s too easy to end up with something that is not quite right.


Mar 10, 2017
I started out my colored stone journey planning to buy enough rings to make a rainbow collection: ROYGBIV Well, there are a lot of in between colors in the rainbow. Also, I happen to really love that range of pink to purple. Now I am addicted to blues. I am in your same situation because they are all pretty!

My toughest challenge is that I love collecting gemstones (and sometimes am impulsive at spending on one I like, so there goes my budget!) But then I balk at spending the money to set them. I think it’s okay to collect some to admire as a Little Rock Collection too.

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Sep 11, 2020

Here is my blue lab sapphire. The colour in the photo is not what I see with my eyes most of the time. It's more muted purpley violet, and sometimes soft cornflower blue. I love it but I still yearn for a royal blue or cobalt blue spinel that is punchy BLUE. But this one is really "close enough" that I ought to stop being silly. I think :roll::lol:

I have lots & lots of white pearls as well as other colours But It won't stop me buying some more white pearls.Not a silly hobby at all=)2 Buy what your heart loves I say!


May 25, 2020
I think I want too many stones....
Too many great stones. Not enough $$ :lol:

Has anyone by any chance had the opportunity to compare the Stag and Finch royal blue to the Finewater Gems royal blue?

Happy to take recommendations for other vendors too!
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