How long did/will you search/look/plan before proposing?


Jan 23, 2008
I've noticed that many people come searching for the perfect ring but I was wondering what the time frame everyone had before they planned to propose? Did you just wake up one day and decide today you're going to find/buy a ring and do it propose soon? Or did you give figure you'll do it, search and then hold onto it until you were ready? If so, how long did you wait?

I just notice that a lot of guys usually don't really "look" at rings until they are ready to buy. Some of them get it months in advance and plan out and hold onto it until a certain time they are waiting for.

So! How long did you after you decided you wanted to propose until you seriously looked at rings AND how long after the process of buying/receiving the ring did you hold onto it until you proposed? I'm wondering if more guys are planners or if it's more of when you decide you want to get married that you just decide and do it all pretty quickly?

I'm not engaged yet but I'd love to hear the stores and see the time tables :) I realize there is no right or wrong way of going about doing this and everyone has their own time frame and guidelines but I'd still love to read the answers :)

Ladies if you know any of the details even if you helped with the ring feel free to answer as well :) I'm not sure if this thread has been started or not yet so if so I'm sorry ::)

Also if you haven't proposed yet but are here and want to share what your plans are or future plans/time line will be thats welcome too :)
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