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How can you tell; would you want to know; is this possible?


Apr 13, 2015
Not sure where the best place to post this was going to be, so I hope this is ok...

I was gifted diamond studs, a pendant, and bracelet from my parents for my wedding. That alone makes the pieces super meaningful and sentimental to me. However, I'm really questioning whether or not they are real diamonds. Not because I think my parents would lie to me about that, but they don't know much about jewelry or diamonds, English isn't their first language (so it's possible that misunderstanding or miscommunication occurred), and I'm shocked that they had the money to buy me something like that. How can you tell if diamonds are real or not? I've read about the fog test, but honestly, that really didn't help me figure things out. I know there are diamond testers on Amazon and other places, but I'm not sure how much I trust that. Obviously, I can take them to a jeweler, but I'm honestly hesitant to because I feel like I'll be shamed by them if they turn out not to be real. The other thing I thought was that perhaps they're clarity enhanced diamonds...would a jeweler be able to tell me if they are? I'm also struggling with whether or not I *really* want to know...a part of me does, obviously. But I will also be a bit disappointed if they turn out not to be real, and I don't want anything to put a damper on the gift my parents gave me. Of course, nothing can take away the meaningfulness and sentimentality of the jewelry, and I will continue to wear them regardless. But still... I don't know; what would you do?

Also, I'm wondering if there is any way the bracelet can be shortened. It's currently 7 inches long. I would like it to be 6 inches long. It's not regular links though - I honestly don't see how it's possible to shorten something like this. Pictures are below - anyone know if it would be possible?

The back of the bracelet; not regular links:


Aug 5, 2012
Re: How can you tell; would you want to know; is this possib

Any jeweler can tell you if they are simulants or enhanced.

The fog test is useless, as are the testers on Amazon. You need a high quality tester that is properly calibrated. They cost a fair bit of money, but your local jeweler has one.

Enhanced stones can be seen through examination with a loupe, if the person is properly trained.

I don't think anyone bothers to enhance such little diamonds.

I would prefer to know because of insurance and care. If they are sims, they will be fairly vulnerable to chipping and you will find out if it has to be repaired anyhow. There is no reason to share anything with your relatives.
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