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Nov 30, 2001
I evaluated a diamond in the Holloway Cut Advisor and it came out as follows:

60.8% depth, 56% table, 34.7° crown angle, 40.5° pavilion angle
The result is for a symmetrical diamond with a medium girdle and very good polish
Light Return Excellent
Fire Excellent
Scintillation Excellent
or diameter for weight Very Good

Total Visual Performance 0.5 - Excellent - within TIC range

This stone was also evaluated with a Brillancescope, where it scored

White light: VH1
Colored Light: VH3
Scintillation: H2

Not bad, but significantly lower scores than many other stones on the Brillancescope which received inferior HCA ratings

So, which rating is to be believed...BrillanceScope, or HCA?



Dec 31, 1999
Hi NervousJohn,

There are a few things you might want to take into account.

1. Although we believe HCA is much better than existing AGS grading system, it is not designed to make a final judgment on your stone similar that you can get from an expert. There are many factors that can affect perception of beauty that HCA simply cannot cover at the moment such as symmetry, minor facets, etc.

2. Less than 2% of all diamonds would have HCA score less than 2 (Excellent). Once you got such a great score, you can be sure you're getting a great diamond. However there is no guarantee that you'll like 0.5 HCA diamond more than 1.5 HCA. For example, not everyone prefer special look of the EightStar diamonds that consistently score HCA >= 1.

3. Comparing HCA to BrillianceScope is not correct thing to do. Keep in mind that BrillianceScope has its own limitations and is lacking of proven measurement concepts (they were discussed here in previous threads)

Summarizing all of the above, I'd recommend you not to split hairs with HCA once you have less than 2 score. I think you found a great diamond and if you are a perfectionist type of person, your best bet on this stage would be to examine the stone yourself by comparing it to other diamonds and/or hire an expert like David Atlas who can do it for you.
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