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"He's just big boned."


Mar 21, 2006
If I were able to come up with a well crafted response on the fly, it would be to address/reinforce the suggestion for healthy eating and exercise for the hefty kid rather than question whether or not he's 'big-boned'. I agree with the others, if the mom has already been advised of the BMI issue by the pediatrician and is not receptive, that may be not worth addressing. But something along the lines of, 'well, cutting back on unhealthy carbs is a good goal for everyone' or 'kids don't need all those cupcakes and sugary drinks' or 'it's good to instill healthy eating habits now and not wait until it really is a big problem', etc.

While my heart aches a little bit for Sasha and Malia to have their mom's conversations with their pediatrician made public, I think it does help a teeny tiny touch for Michelle Obama to have addressed this very issue and talked about her response. I'd like to hope I could do something similiar. My husband and I are both tall ie. big people, but I am pretty confident neither of us is 'big-boned' ie. at a healthy fitness level, heavy for our height. I am now overweight and it does take some tough-love to admit that to myself rather than make excuses. I can see how it would be so easy to have blinders on, especially in regards to a child.

Jennifer W

Jun 18, 2010
TravelingGal said:
Jennifer W said:
TravelingGal said:
I hung out with her and her son the other day. I guess looking at him with clothes on, I can understand why she thinks he's big boned. He wears slightly baggier clothes and he honestly doesn't look like a fat kid, or even a really chubby one. He just looks solid. All the fat is around his thighs, butt and belly which are harder to hide.

I think if they just cut the juice, he'd be fine. She says they did (she only makes him "healthy" smoothies at home now) but every time I see that kid out, he's slurping down a capri sun!
Capri sun? Ok, let me just hope that isn't the same thing in the US as it is in the UK. :-o

It's this...
yup, just the same. Ok, never mind big boned, his teeth are going to dissolve. ;(
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