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Help with Types of Lighting Conditions


Aug 8, 2011
When you look at a diamond you can see many things: brightness, contrast, fire, sparkle, etc. Often these are produced by different types of lighting like spot lighting, florescent, daylight, etc, right?

B&M jewelry stores often employ spot lighting I believe. While this can make all diamonds look good, what is it really doing? Making them brighter? Or is it spot lighting that is supposed to increase the fire? If you have to look at a diamond in a stores, what can be done to better evaluate the cut? What would you say "day-to-day" viewing conditions are once the diamond is on her finger, around the house, outside, etc. What should I be looking for in different types of lighting? Thanks - I'd rather not be duped into buying a stone that looks good in the store but is lifeless once outside.

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Jul 6, 2004
No one paid you to write, did they? :rodent:

A tool discussed here with some frequency is the idealscope, desiged, in some large part, to provide a standardized lighting environment, to attend to just some of the issues you've raised; see here:

Knowing this, what you've learned, is very important. Seeing a diamond in numerous lighting environments is one of several strategies, too.

Ira Z.
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