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Help With Final Diamond Decision

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Jun 1, 2003
Any experts please help! I just found what I consider a very fiery and briliant diamond in my size and price range. However I am pretty concerned because I had previously only looked at GIA or AGS stones, but this is an EGL certificate (USA).
Like I said it looked great to me, but my soon to be fiancee who has been helping me throughout the process wants me to make the final decision - meaning she doesn''t want to see any more diamonds until one is on her finger.
Any advice as to what I may be missing here is very much appreciated! (Naturally I will get it appraised as soon as I buy it but I would feel safer with some expert opinions before I take the plunge...)

The specs of the diamond are as follows:
EGL Cert
Ideal Cut
1.55 carat
E Color
SI2 (basically eye clean although one feather on outside of table that I could see after I knew where it was and really really stared!)
Table - 59%
Depth - 61.3%
Crown Angle - 33.8
Pavillion Angle - 41
Polish and Symmetry - Very Good
Price with platinum solitaire setting: 8400 (seemed amenable to negotiation)

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
If it's correctly graded, the price is good.

The thing you have to watch out for is that it's truly an SI2. An E/I1 trades at roughly 37% less than an E/SI2. If the stone happens to be an overgraded I1, then it's not such a good deal.

EGL-USA is a pretty good lab, and the chances are good that the grading is correct. I looked at an EGL-USA SI2 just the other day, and it was conservatively graded.

But this is one of the cases where it's good to make the sale contingent upon the stone appraising out to your satisfaction with an independent appraiser. If the appraiser says it's an I1, then you need to go back and re-negotiate, or have them send it out to GIA or AGS for final resolution.


Jan 26, 2003

What a helpful response! Even *I* understood it! I am developing quite a thing for you :).

Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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